10 Reasons Your Visitors to Canada Need Travel Insurance

TORONTOMay 28, 2014 /CNW/ – With warm weather comes an influx of visitors to this great nation of ours. The second largest country on earth, Canada certainly has a lot to offer: gorgeous views to photograph, a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy, and lots of opportunities to travel—without even leaving the country.

Did you know that a large portion of travellers to Canada happen to be our very own family and friends from afar? Of the 16 million tourists in 2012, almost half were here to visit loved ones! If you are one of the many Canadians looking forward to a visit this summer, travel insurance should definitely be on your list of things to buy before their arrival. Not sure why? Keep reading for the 10 reasons your visitors need Visitors to Canada travel insurance…

  1. Medical care in Canada is expensive – Your visitors will need at least $50,000 in coverage for emergency medical expenses.
  2. Super Visa applicants need ‘super’ insurance – The Canadian government requires these travellers to have health coverage which is: (1) a minimum of $100,000, (2) good for at least one year, and (3) Canadian.
  3. Visitors to Canada insurance isn’t just for travel to Canada – It also covers side trips to other countries, including the US.
  4. Visitors to Canada insurance isn’t just for visitors – It is also suitable for new Canadians who are awaiting health care coverage and returning Canadians whose provincial coverage has lapsed.
  5. Plans include some benefits visitors may not expect – Coverage for physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other specialists (when treatment is related to the initial emergency).
  6. Plans can cover stable pre-existing medical conditions – And no medical questionnaire is required.
  7. Plans can cover a variety of amateur sports – Water skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, jet skiing, and more!
  8. Coverage begins when visitors leave their home country – They’re covered while en route to Canada and while travelling back to their home country.
  9. It’s best to purchase travel insurance prior to their arrival in Canada – A waiting period may apply if coverage is purchased after arrival.
  10. You can save on Visitors to Canada insurance – Choose a higher deductible, ask for family rates, and always compare plans to see which has the best coverage at the best price.

Your loved ones need travel insurance. And it is much simpler if you purchase it from a Canadian company in advance of their trip. Why? Because Canadian coverage is more comprehensive, and Canadian insurers know the ins and outs of our health care system.

While you wait for your visitors to arrive, feel free to learn more about our Visitors to Canada plans.


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