10 Transformative Travel Resolutions (Forget Your Bucket List!)

Wondering how a New Year’s resolution is any different from an item on your bucket list? Consider this: A resolution typically results out of a desire to become a better person, while that never-ending bucket list? Isn’t it just about spoiling yourself before you… hit the bucket!? And while having your very own wish list is a great way to experience life to the fullest, it may not be the ideal way to travel the world. Do you want to scurry through Paris, checking off all those ‘must-see’ tourist spots in your travel book? Or would you rather savour the moment while you sip on a café au lait, take in your surroundings, and practice your French with the locals? Do you plan to take the long flight to China just to have your photo taken on the Great Wall, or might you spend one and a half years journeying across the longest wall in the world?

Although a tourist might argue that the one and only purpose of a vacation is to pamper yourself, a traveller would say that the experience of leaving your country (or city!) is more about observing, learning, exploring, and evolving as a human being. That’s right, travelling often means coming home with a new or altered life view—not just a brand-new tan or an updated passport. Want to leave the ‘tourist’ label behind? Already a seasoned traveller, but want to become a better one? These 10 travel resolutions should get you started on the road to travelling like a pro.


This year, I will…

  1. visit one place I’ve never been before (whether it’s a town an hour away or a country on the other side of the planet).
  2. enroll in a language course.
  3. consider a life view that is different from my own.
  4. try to reduce my carbon footprint.
  5. eat at least one new food (no matter how unappetizing it looks or sounds!).
  6. ask the locals questions about the customs, rules, and laws in their country.
  7. challenge myself to try something new and unfamiliar.
  8. stay up to date on international news.
  9. open my mind and leave behind any preconceptions or silly stereotypes.
  10. travel smart.*

*How to travel smart?



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