10 Travel Resolutions for the New Year

This year, I resolve to be a better traveller. But where to begin? The ten simple resolutions below should help.

Before I leave for my next trip, I will…

  1. purchase travel insurance—no matter how short my trip or near my travel destination.
  2. speak with my doctor and my insurer to confirm that my pre-existing conditions have not changed and if any newly diagnosed conditions can be covered.
  3. check to see if I need to: (1) update my passport, (2) get any necessary travel vaccinations, (3) be wary of any travel advisories.
  4. make sure my existing travel insurance (through my credit card or my workplace benefits) covers me for everything I need it to. If not, get additional coverage.
  5. find out how many days I can leave my province without losing my provincial health coverage.
  6. make sure young travellers or grandchildren have written permission to leave the country with me (if they are travelling without both parents).
  7. ensure any risky activities or high-risk destinations are covered.
  8. consider whether or not I will need trip cancellation and interruption insurance.
  9. do the necessary research and read the fine print on my travel insurance policy.
  10. call the experts if I have any questions about my coverage.

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