3 Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

When summer rolls around, most of us head outdoors, but even though sunshine can do wonders for our mood, it can also cause serious damage to our health. After a long, cold winter, what is a sun lover to do? Follow these 3 simple tips for staying safe in the sun!

  1. Apply the right sunscreen. Make sure you are using a high enough SPF—SPF 15 for your daily routine and SPF 30 if you’re taking part in outdoor activities. Many people forget to apply a new coat after a few hours in the sun or a dip in the water—make a habit of reapplying after two to three hours outside in the sun or if you get wet. Don’t forget to apply to those often forgotten spots: your ears, your hands (make sure not to wash them right after applying), your feet, and your lips (use lip balm with SPF).
  2. Be aware of the UV index. When checking the weather forecast, glance at the UV index so you know how to protect yourself from the associated risks each day. The higher the UV, the more at risk you are from sun damage. Since UV rays are usually strongest in the middle of the day, moving your picnic or patio table to a shady corner or using an umbrella is the smart (and safe!) way to go. And don’t forget to wear a sun hat when no shade is in sight.
  3. Consult with your pharmacist. Sun sensitivities may be caused by certain medications you may be taking. A pharmacist may be able to suggest a few extra precautions to protect your skin and eyes from UV damage.

If you’re travelling this summer, make sure you have the proper travel insurance to cover you in the event of heat stroke, dehydration, or any other unexpected medical emergency!

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