4 Tips for Battling the Cold

For most Canadians, it’s been a fairly mild start to the winter. However, for people who only know the winter months above the freezing point on the thermometer, even a mild Canadian winter can feel like a deep freeze. As temperatures begin to plummet in the coming weeks, it’s imperative for your health and safety to know how to handle these cold Canadian temperatures. Here are five tips to help you battle the cold this winter!


Stay active

It’s so easy to cuddle up under a warm blanket all day or night. Resist the urge for at least an hour and do something active. Hot yoga will guarantee a sweat, or you can try hopping on a treadmill, using an elliptical, or lifting weights. Join a class doing an activity you enjoy. If the temperature isn’t too cold, enjoy the outdoors by walking, skating, or tobogganing. It may seem cold at first, but once you get moving you’ll break into a sweat in no time and have fun doing it!


Sock hop

Dressing for the weather is pretty obvious, but if there’s one item of clothing that you should focus on, it’s wearing thick, warm socks. While cotton is a wonderful natural material during warm weather, it actually is not recommended for below-zero temperatures.

Cotton absorbs sweat and stays wet, which can be dangerous when the temperatures are very cold. Invest in wool or thick synthetic-fleece socks paired with your winter boots and it will make a world of a difference when you step outside.


Eat well

Ensure that you’re eating balanced meals and not skipping breakfast. Eating well during the winter is especially important because it keeps your metabolism going, which in return provides heat to your body. Even better, try to stick with eating warm foods like oatmeal, soups, and stews, which will give your internal oven a head start!


Know the temperature

Put a weather app on your phone or computer so you know what to expect when you walk outside at the start of the day. If your home country uses a different temperature system, ensure that you know and understand how to read in Celsius and that you have an understanding of key weather terms like wind chill and sleet. If you’re unsure of a term used to describe the conditions, look it up on Environment Canada’s Weather and Meteorology Glossary.

Winter has only just begun, so instead of hiding away for the next few months, follow these tips and enjoy all that winter has to offer!


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