4 Tips To Start Your School Year Abroad

September is “back to school” season—time to gear up for another fresh year of learning. As you move into the start of a new school year, it’s natural to have hopes and expectations for a fulfilling experience. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you start off on the right foot.

Here at Ingle, we believe that if you want to have a rewarding school year, it’s important to take good care of yourself—because health concerns are the last thing you want on your mind while you study for exams! With that in mind, here are four tips for a happy and healthy school year, along with some handy resources to see you through.

1. Make yourself a priority.

There can be a lot of pressure to stay on top of your coursework while also enjoying extracurricular activities and maybe, possibly, having some semblance of a social life underneath all that. While that’s certainly all part of the student experience, it’s important to carve out some time for yourself, too. Just like staying fit, keeping on top of your mental health is an exercise that needs doing—and that can’t happen if you don’t give yourself space to breathe.

Need more mental health tips? Read our guide to taking care of your mental health… or check out these tips to help you be a mentally healthy student. And remember, if you feel overwhelmed, going to a counsellor can be a big help! Learn what to expect when you visit a counsellor—and if you still have questions, read this follow-up article for more.


2. Don’t forget about eating right!

When you’re a busy student, meal planning is often one of the first things to fall to the wayside. And while there’s no shame in the odd slice of cold pizza for breakfast (we’ve all been there), providing yourself with the proper nutrition goes a long way to making you feel healthy, happy and study-ready.

Easier said than done? It doesn’t have to be. Arm yourself for healthy meals by starting your planning at the grocery store. We’ve also got a guide to making delicious, nutritious meals at home—and packing easy lunches, for when you need your nutrients on the go.


3. Studying abroad? Make sure you don’t leave out insurance.

Canadians often have the perception that our health care is “free,” but the truth is more complex. Health care in this country is actually quite expensive, but thanks to our provincial health care plans, we simply don’t see the costs in front of us. When you’re an international student, these high costs can come as a shock. And this is true whether you’re a Canadian studying abroad or an international student studying in Canada—in either case, health care at your destination is not going to be the same as you’re used to at home. Making sure you’re covered will go a long way to avoiding a stressful situation down the road!

Where can you get coverage for your study-abroad term? We have resources for international students studying in Canada right here. For Canadians heading abroad, try looking into our coverage for travelling Canadians—or, if you’re going to be staying abroad for an extended period of time, consider expatriate insurance for health coverage closer to what you’d expect while living at home.


4. Stay on top of your health care options.

This is especially important if you’re studying somewhere far from home! Dealing with a health problem is stressful enough without having to worry about the logistics. It’s best to have an idea of your options before you get sick—so that, when it does happen, you don’t have to worry about anything except getting better.

Have questions about the way your insurance works? Find out everything you need to know about your medical coverage here. Or download this step-by-step guide to submitting an insurance claim (PDF).

New to Canada? Wondering what doctor’s appointments are like in this country? Download our handy guide to seeing the doctor (PDF).


With these tips, you should be all set for a fruitful new school year. Best of luck and happy learning!


Are you an international student? Let us help you feel at home while you study abroad. We cover all your health insurance needs, give you easily accessible resources for navigating the healthcare systems, provide physical and mental wellness support through the Stay Healthy at School program, 24/7 claim services should you need assistance, and much more. For more information, visit https://www.inglestudents.com/studyinsured/, call us at 1-855-649-4182 or email us at studentteam@studyinsured.com.

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