5 Inspiring Women Travellers You Need to Know

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day—and in the spirit of trailblazing women, we want to honour the experiences of some of the most inspiring female travellers from around the world. From a world-record holder, to a decorated Paralympian, to the creator of a supportive community for adventurous travellers of colour, there is no limit to the heights these intrepid travellers can reach. Let’s jump into their amazing life stories to celebrate these women’s courage and love of travel!

Lhakpa Sherpa

In spring 2000, Lhakpa became the first Nepalese woman to summit Everest and descend alive, and she has continued to make history since: she holds the world record for women climbers of Mount Everest after reaching the summit nine times. Raising her three children by herself after ending years of abuse in her marriage, Lhakpa has let no obstacle keep her from her adventures; she frequently works many jobs to provide for her family while pursuing her dreams. She currently works at her local Whole Foods as a dishwasher, where she is saving to summit the world’s highest mountain this spring of 2020 for the tenth time.

Read more about Lhakpa’s journey here.

Evita Robinson

Evita Robinson is the founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe and a three-time expat who is transforming the face of the travel industry. Her award-winning travel brand—which has grown to more than 23,000 international members, purely through word of mouth and a message that resonates—provides a space for a travelling demographic that is widely underrepresented in the media. Nomadness’s mission is to break the racial and economic boundaries around travel, and Evita’s work and dedication continues to bring together millennial travellers of colour around the world.

Read more about Evita’s work in this interview.

Liz Carlson

Liz Carlson started her Young Adventuress blog in 2010, when she decided to move to Spain to teach English and discovered the potential of travel blogging as a profession. Liz has developed her career through transparency in her writing, never shying away from the misadventures and struggles that come with travel—from loneliness to travel burnout. Her honest stories and her fascinating pictures have earned over 200,000 followers of her adventures around the globe.

Read more about Liz’s experiences on her blog.

Karen Darke

Karen Darke is the clear example of someone who takes on every challenge they are given. At the age of 21, Karen was rock-climbing outdoors when a fall left her paralyzed from the chest down. Since then, she has become a medal-winning Paralympian who continues to pursue her passion for outdoor adventures—from kayaking to sit-skiing and hand-cycling. With remarkable determination, Karen has covered 1,000 miles by sea kayak from Canada to Alaska and has hand-cycled over the Himalayas.

Read more about Karen’s story in this interview.

Judi Wineland

Judi Wineland has been a pioneer in the travel industry for decades: she was the first woman to launch and operate an adventure travel company, and her love for travel remains just as strong today. Her purpose is to challenge women to get out of their comfort zones and provide opportunities to increase their confidence. With the support of her daughter Nicole, who works hand-in-hand with Judi to run their company, AdventureWomen, Judi aspires to help women always go the extra mile, believing “the destination is only the beginning.”

Read more about Judi’s work in this interview.

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