5 Reasons to Get Insurance

  1. International students in Canada need to have health insurance.At most Canadian schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions, health insurance is mandatory. Access to government medical coverage for international students is not available in most provinces, so students must arrange for private health insurance coverage. In provinces where the government medical plan is available, it may be subject to limitations or wait times. Also, you may be asked for proof of insurance when applying for your visa.
  2. Insurance is protection.An International Student or Visitors to Canada plan ensures that you aren’t left with a $100,000 hospital bill after a major accident or an unexpected medical emergency. Just as important, though, are the other benefits such as the 24/7 emergency assistance to help guide you through an unexpected emergency and monitor your case to make sure you’re receiving appropriate care. You can also be covered to bring a family member to your bedside, or to get you home with a medical attendant if necessary.
  3. The real costs of health care in Canada are high.It is extremely important to have insurance while you are studying in Canada. As a non-resident living in Canada, you will have to pay full price for any health care you receive. Hospital room charges have risen to over $3,000 a day in some cases. One sickness or injury can cost as much as $25,000 or more, and many hospitals request upfront payment for services. A major medical incident could easily cost over $150,000 Canadian.
  4. Peace of mind is not expensive.Ingle International offers complete-coverage policies for international students, as well as policies that supplement the provincial medical coverage available in some provinces. All policies include 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week assistance. Coverage is available for hospital and doctors’ visits, air ambulance, prescription drugs, dental emergencies, physiotherapy, early return home, contacting relatives, multilingual assistance, and more. Plans for international students start as low as $1.45 per day.
  5. Ingle International is the industry expert.Ingle International has been in the insurance industry since 1946. We provide students with the protection they need while studying in Canada, North America or anywhere else in the world at the best rates available! In addition to serving individual international students and their family members, we have formal and lasting relationships with some of Canada’s largest school boards, private schools, colleges and universities.We can speak your language. Ingle International employs highly trained multilingual Customer Service Representatives to provide customers with the unique personal attention they need. Ingle International also offers multilingual client services in print and online.

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