5 Reasons Travelling With MSH Navigator Keeps You Safe

What is MSH Navigator?
You can find everything you need in one place with MSH Navigator! MSH Navigator is a mobile app that saves time and gives travellers quick access to their most needed medical and emergency resources while travelling abroad! MSH Navigator allows travellers to feel safe and travel with confidence wherever they are in the world.

Top 5 Reasons To Travel With MSH Navigator

1 – One-touch quick access to our emergency assistance number in case of medical and security emergencies.

2 – Find a nearby medical facility. Some of our providers can direct bill for you so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

3 – Submit a claim on your phone quickly.

4 – Access to wallet card with policy information

5 – Real-time geo-targeted notifications for travel warnings and alerts

How To Get MSH Navigator

Any MSH policy you purchase from us will give you full access to MSH Navigator!

Visitors to Canada – Discover Canada https://www.ingleinternational.com/en/travel-insurance/visitors-to-canada

Canadian Travellers – Canuck Voyage https://www.ingleinternational.com/en/travel-insurance/canadian-travellers

International Students – Silver, Gold, Platinum plans for individual students https://www.studyinsured.com/studyinsured/en/category/international-students/compare

                                       Group plans – Contact studentteam@studyinsured.com

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