5 Tips for Part-Time Travellers

Not everyone can quit their jobs and travel full-time—it’s just not a lifestyle that suits the majority of people. But having a career and a life at home doesn’t mean you have to wait until you retire to travel. Despite what people may think, it’s possible to see the world and maintain a career and home base. Here are five tips that will help you succeed with part-time travel.


1. Use your vacation days
In 2015, more than half of Americans left vacation days unused. In most of North America, employees get two to three weeks of vacation, but so many people don’t take advantage of these days and instead let them go to waste. Those with full-time jobs are in the best position to travel because they have a steady income. So stop feeling guilty about asking for time off from your job, you’ve earned it!


2. Take advantage of holidays

You likely already get statutory holidays off and arranging your vacation around these dates can mean that you don’t have to take any additional (or as many) vacation days off. For example, if you get the Friday off for a holiday, you now have three days and four nights to work with for a getaway. Utilizing these dates can mean your actual vacation days will go further and you’ll get to see and travel more.


3. Travel nearby

You don’t always need to travel to the other side of the world. You can travel to neighbouring countries or even within your own country! Never underestimate the places near you, plus you won’t need so much time to actually get there. Eliminating long travel days means you have more days and time to explore a new place!



4. Don’t cram in too much

The biggest problem that people have when travelling within a limited amount of time is trying to cram too much into those vacation days. This makes you feel rushed and less like you have actually really seen a new place. You need to accept that you can’t see everything in a limited time! Instead, make your schedule realistic and embrace the fact that you’ll just need to return again.


5. Pre-plan and strategize

When you are travelling with limited time, it’s harder for you to just book a last-minute ticket and wing everything else like accommodations. Instead, being organized and planning some of this stuff ahead will ensure you get to cover the most ground in your given time. You’ll also waste less time trying to figure this stuff out when you get to a new place!

Part-time travel doesn’t have to be limiting. By being smart and trying some of the above tips, you’ll be setting yourself up for success on your next trip.


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