5 Travel Apps for Every Step of Your Trip

The 21st century is a great time to be a traveller! With the help of technology, we’re travelling faster and more informed than ever before. Getting to the other side of the world might once have been a long and dangerous journey, but these days it’s something you can get through in fourteen hours direct—with an in-flight movie and a complimentary beverage to comfortably take you home.

What’s one of the coolest perks for tech-savvy travellers? The plethora of innovative apps out there. No matter what kind of traveller you are, there’s a useful app to help you with nearly every situation—in fact, there are almost too many options to count!

Need help narrowing it down? We’ve picked out 5 useful apps to take you through each step of your next trip.


Figure out what to pack.

PackPoint will make sure you never forget your toothbrush again. This clever app takes into account your trip length, your planned activities, and the weather at your destination to build you a comprehensive packing list.

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Get a cheap flight.

Are you a spur-of-the-moment sort of traveller? Last-minute flights can get prohibitively expensive—which is why this app helps you zero in on the bargains. Flight Tonight finds you the cheapest flights leaving from your local airport today. Hop on a deal and enjoy an adventure for less!

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Plan your sightseeing.

World Travel Guide by Triposo is a great way to make the most of your time on your next trip. It offers activity and sightseeing guides for countries and major cities around the world that you can download for offline access. Each guide comes with info about local attractions, phrasebooks, area maps, and more!

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Keep your trip on track.

Are you the sort of traveller who doesn’t like surprises? While it can’t give you advance notice about the rowdy drunk at the local pub, TripCase does keep your itinerary organized—and helps you stay on top of your travels with updated flight information, weather forecasts, directions, and more.

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Stay healthy and travel safe.

Travel Navigator is your one stop for safe and informed travels. Designed by Intrepid 24/7, Ingle’s emergency assistance partner, this app tells you what vaccinations you’ll need before you go, brings you the latest travel alerts, provides information about medications and health conditions, locates health care providers at your destination—and much more.

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