8 Tips for Travelling with Valuables

If you brought over items that are of great value, losing them would likely be a blow—both financially and emotionally. Losing your new (and expensive) cell phone would be frustrating; having your wedding ring stolen could be devastating. So what do you do to avoid catastrophe? There are options.

  1. Purchase baggage insurance and rest assured that a certain amount of your lost or stolen item(s) would be reimbursed. But remember, there are exclusions on which items will be covered, and there is a limit to how much money you will get back.
  2. Keep bills for all expensive purchases. This is something to keep in mind any time you splurge on an item. Although you may not have a trip planned at the time, having a receipt will come in handy if you are ever in a situation where your valuables are lost or stolen and you need to prove how much you paid for them.
  3. Take pictures of expensive items in your luggage or carry-on; and, as overly cautious as this may seem, it’s also a good idea to have a friend or family member witness you packing certain valuables.
  4. Pack like a pro. It’s a good idea to really consider what you are putting in your carry-on bag (versus your checked luggage). Your carry-on baggage will be at your side for the duration of your trip, which can be safer than placing valuables in your luggage.
  5. Keep a low profile. There’s no need to discuss your wealth or show it off. All you are doing is making yourself a prime target for theft.
  6. Use the hotel safe. If bringing certain valuables along is a necessity, make use of the hotel safe that is usually located in your room. If your room doesn’t have, request your valuables are stored in a safe place—but make sure it’s a reputable hotel!
  7. Play hide and seek.’ If you don’t feel comfortable leaving expensive items with the hotel staff, hide your valuables in a special bag or suitcase that includes secret pockets or hidden linings.
  8. Test your surroundings. If you’re really unsure of your surroundings, conduct a ‘theft test.’ Leave a few coins or some inexpensive pens or costume jewelry lying around. If these don’t go missing after the first day or so, you can likely breathe a sigh of relief.

In the event of loss or theft

If you were unfortunate enough to lose your baggage or have your possessions stolen while travelling, make sure to obtain all required documentation before you leave your current location. If you purchased the appropriate insurance before your trip, you will need certain official documents in order to make a claim; and it’s much easier to get what you need while you’re still in the country where the event occurred. Police reports, affidavits, and security reports are just a few of the forms you may be expected to provide when requesting reimbursement. Make sure to call your insurance provider as soon as you can to find out exactly what you will need to get your money back.


If you have any questions about baggage insurance or making a claim, an Ingle International representative is available to assist you at Relay@ingleinsurance.com or 1-800-360-3234. Or have a look at your travel insurance options.

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