A Destination Wedding Guide for the Traveller at Heart

After exploring various corners of the earth with your partner in crime turned fiancé, you have decided on a destination wedding. First off, congratulations! Secondly, let`s get to work. Planning a wedding in your locale requires a lot of organization. Cut to a location five hours away by plane, combined with your closest family and friends, and your to-do list may appear overwhelming. But a challenge of the travelling kind has never stopped you before. Follow the six step guide below to ensure your nuptial’s go off without a hitch.


Early Bird

…catches the worm. Despite 365+ days to plan your special day, it is always good to start on the good foot. Island time can begin after the ceremony. To start, narrow down your resort preference of sun or rustic, indoors versus outdoors, and 5-course barbeque over a late night buffet. Once booked, extend the early bird sentiment to your friends and family with a save the date. Wedding magazines across the land dictate that 4 months’ notice is proper etiquette for destination weddings.


Get Help

Despite delegating some pre-wedding duties to your immediate wedding party, you may still feel a bit flustered. No sweat. Most resorts and destination hotels have on-site wedding coordinators that are happy to do much of the running around for you. This includes booking rooms for your guests, looking after special needs, sourcing and managing vendors, and facilitating the ironing of dress shirts at the last minute.


Research Time

Be mindful of your destination`s marriage requirements and how it relates those in your home country, determine the seasonal weather, and look up regulations around material goods that you will be bringing across borders.  For example, Mexico prohibits material goods from China. If your wedding dress was made in China, and there is labelling as proof, your dress could very well be seized.


Money Matters

Though small guest lists that accompany destination weddings are easier on the pocket, take advantage of group rates and stick to the budget. Keep in mind that resorts will ask you to sign a contract with an approximate number of guests. If attendance is much less than your approximation, you may be expected to compensate financially. Be sure to read the fine print.


Be Communicative

With free wedding websites like Joy, e-wedding, and The Knot, it is easier than ever to keep you guests informed about all aspects of your wedding and trip. Provide information on flights, hotel room blocks, how to book, and other fine details. This is also a great spot to gather a general consensus on group activities and meals outside of the ceremony.


Get Insured

On a very important side note, do not forget your travel insurance. Your family and friends will thank you for it. There are many plans that cover large groups arriving in the same destination and it does wonders in lieu of a welcome basket. Browse here.

There you have it. A handful tips to get you and your wedding started. Now you can return to what prompted this whirlwind in the first place. Your love and the places you go.   Wishing you many happy returns!


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