An Agent’s Guide to Selling Insurance for Province to Province Travel

When Amy Savill, a 7-months pregnant Alberta resident, went into labour while on a trip to Northern Ontario, her story sent waves through the nation. Many Canadians were shocked to hear that not all emergency medical services, like air and ground ambulance, are covered through their provincial Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP).

Savill was rushed to the nearest hospital after her water broke, only to discover it wasn’t equipped to deliver premature babies under 32 weeks. The only option was to air lift her to Sudbury, the closest city centre. But after the birth of her little girl, Savill received an air ambulance bill for thousands of dollars.

Alberta does not cover emergency transportation for residents travelling outside of the province, and neither did Savill’s supplementary employment insurance plan.

Is there a solution? Yes! Travel insurance plans can cover these additional services for as low as 0.42 cents a day, with limited restrictions for pre-existing or chronic medical conditions.  For travel agents, this is an optimum opportunity to increase sales and ensure your clients are properly covered.

The Medical Care Insurance Act guarantees Canadians universal coverage throughout Canada, however, coverage is only up to the maximum fees established by their provincial GHIP. As soon as an individual travels out of their province of residence, he or she is exposed to medical fees that are not covered by the province, credit cards, or employee benefit plans.

An Ipsos Reid survey found that 50% of Canadians travel throughout Canada without insurance. This means there are bountiful opportunities to better service your clients and increase your business. With additional benefits like trip cancellation and lost or stolen baggage, travel insurance offers a full-suite of services to secure the health and safety of your clients.

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