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Danny Lindsay is a freelance writer from Brampton, ON. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto and is currently trying to finish his first novel. In his spare time he plays in a garage rock band and eats as much pizza as possible.

Cultural Cordiality in Ecuador

There is a tendency in travel literature, particularly in pieces written by white males from Western nations (the dubious cohort to which I belong), to exoticize foreigners, to lump them all together beneath a banner of benign pleasantness, and to emphasize “simple living,” a mode of being that seems straightforward and joyful compared to the bustling, money-driven culture in which many of us live. But while I’d like to avoid such blatant othering, such generalizations can hold a small grain of truth. Overall, the people I encountered in Ecuador were happier and much friendlier than the average Torontonian. I landed in Ecuador on January 5, 2016, having never been south of Savannah, Georgia. I was there to teach English, but quickly found the classroom dynamic to be universal: the teacher teaches, the students listen and ask questions. So I pursued my own curriculum after class by walking the streets of…