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Jackie is a digital content producer, experience strategist, writer & storyteller.

Outside of Your Comfort Zone and into a Camry 

I never thought I’d be the type of traveller that would get in a car with a stranger. Paranoia and mistrust of most things is a pretty prevalent character trait in my family. Yet for some unknown reason, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into a 1996 red Camry, watching certainty disappear into the rolling hills of Tuscany. What does it mean to travel outside of your comfort zone? For some people it could mean not booking their hotels ahead of time, eating something that doesn’t look edible, or even just getting on a plane to begin with. How do we know where our line of comfort begins and where it ends—or whether we even need to have one? My friend and I were starving. We had just arrived to this strange resort 20 kilometres outside of Florence and none of the on-site restaurants were open. We struck…