Jane Canapini

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Jane Canapini spent more than 20 years as a creative director in advertising, hoarding every vacation day in order to pursue her travel passion. She believes in the kind of travel where you bring home stories, not souvenirs, and she makes it her mission to find those experiences and share them with her readers.

Why Travel is My Drug of Choice

I’m Jane, and I’m a travel addict. Lucky for me, supply is not a problem. In fact, with competitive airfares, alternate types of accommodation, and a proliferation of money-saving tips, it’s never been easier to travel almost anywhere on almost any budget. (I’ve even become a travel blogger myself, so I can legitimately get high on my own supply.) And I’m not alone—I just have to go on the web and search for anything with the word “travel” in it, a country name, or a specific attraction, and I’ll get pages and pages of results that connect me with other wanderers waiting to get their next real-world fix. Call it my support group. So it always surprises me when I encounter people who have little or no desire to travel, a fact that is incomprehensible to someone with my disease. And yet there are more of these UnTravellers than you…