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Maggie Fogg is a Marketing Strategist and Content Creator from Toronto, Canada. Fueled by a passion for adventure, Maggie has embarked on a year of travel abroad. Planning to visit 20 countries across 4 continents, Maggie is living out her mantra – Leap into the unknown!

Why “Remote Year” Is the Perfect Solution to my Millennial Wanderlust

 It all started around the time I was approaching 30. My life felt predictably laid out ahead of me. I knew I was in search of something to break up the monotony and give me that “alive” feeling—but what? Travel had always been a passion of mine, and although my last trip to Costa Rica had satiated my wanderlust for a while, the feeling had begun to return. Then, after scanning tour sites, I found a Facebook ad for Remote Year. “Travel the world as a digital nomad for a year! Visit 12 countries and meet 75 new friends!” This opportunity seemed too good to be true, but I clicked to read more. What is Remote Year? Remote Year is a start-up organization that coordinates a year-long remote working experience for professionals with a passion for travel. Each group visits 12 countries throughout the year, living in a different…

Stop Travelling to “Visit”—Try Living in Your Next Vacation Spot

I recently moved to Valencia, Spain, for a month—a little crazy, right? Who jets off to Spain for a whole month? It’s hard enough to set aside two weeks of vacation time, let alone four. While my situation is not the norm, I have been relishing my month in Spain, and have learned a valuable nugget about how to enhance your travel experience: to really get to know a city, instead of just “visiting” there, go and live there for whatever time you have. Here are a few ways that setting up a home base will enhance your experience in your next vacation spot. 1. Navigation Walking around Spain with a giant map, or with your eyes permanently glued to the Google Maps app, screams “tourist” and will prevent you from enjoying what the city has to offer in the moment. However, you will inevitably get lost at least once…