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As Senior Product Specialist at Ingle International, Matt enjoys educating consumers on the finer points of travel insurance. Matt has travelled throughout North America, Asia, and the UK and has been known to compile obsessively detailed Google Maps to prepare for these trips. While travelling, he loves attending local sporting events, eating, and eating some more.


En tant que spécialiste principal des produits chez Ingle International, Matt prend plaisir à éduquer les consommateurs au sujet des subtilités de l’assurance voyage. Matt a voyagé partout en Amérique du Nord, en Asie et au Royaume-Uni. On sait qu’il s’entête à compiler des cartes Google détaillées en préparant ses voyages. Pendant ses voyages, il adore participer à des événements sportifs locaux et manger des délices locaux avec gourmandise.

Multi-Trip Annual Plans for Each Slice of the Travel Pie

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that trips are like pizzas—as soon as they’re finished, you can’t help but think about your next one. And no one knows this better than Canadians, who continue to travel more than ever. This is why travel insurers offer multi-trip annual plans to cater to the needs of frequent travellers. By covering an unlimited number of trips over the course of a year, annual plans ensure you’ll be covered for each trip AND save you money. Not sure if you need single-trip or multi-trip travel insurance? If you’re one of the following types of traveller, a multi-trip annual plan is for you… The weekender Do you love to dart across the border for some binge shopping at an outlet mall? Are you hooked on US football games (or at least the tailgating beforehand)? No matter how short the trip or how young…

What Type of Travel Insurance Would Rob Ford Need?

A note from Travel Insurance File: Admitting to and overcoming an addiction of any kind is not an easy undertaking, and we would like to encourage those in a similar situation to seek out the support they need. The information presented below is relevant to all travellers who are concerned with how their travel insurance might be affected by addiction or substance abuse issues. According to his brother, Rob Ford needs “a little vacation.” Doug Ford, City Councillor and older brother of the embattled Toronto mayor, took to the airwaves last Friday and declared that Rob needs to get away for a week or two. We’re all for the restorative virtues of a relaxing trip, but before escaping matters at City Hall, Mayor Ford should make sure that he has the right travel insurance. So just what should the mayor look out for in his coverage? Alcohol exclusions. Would Mayor Ford…

10 Travel Insurance Myths…And the Truth That May Surprise You

You’re an expert traveller. You deftly navigate airports, you fill out customs cards with your eyes closed, and you can be packed and ready to go for a quick weekend getaway in a matter of minutes. But there may still be one part of the travel experience that continues to challenge you: insurance. Even worldly travellers can be forgiven for being aggravated by applications, puzzled by pre-existing conditions, and confused by claims. So let us dispel 10 of the most common travel insurance myths and make you a better traveller than you already are. After all, your next trip is just around the corner. The Myth: The travel medical coverage through my work benefits or credit card is all the travel insurance I need. The Truth: Even if you have travel medical coverage through your work benefits or credit card, additional non-medical travel insurance may be necessary. Check your existing…

Ingle International Acquires Travel Insurance File (TIF)

Ingle International, one of Canada’s leading providers of travel, international student, and special risk insurance products, and Milan Korcok, publisher and editor of Travel Insurance File (TIF), are pleased to announce Ingle International’s acquisition of TIF’s editorial assets and title, effective July 1, 2013.

Think You Don’t Need Travel Insurance? Think Again. 10 Excuses That Could Come Back to Haunt You

A recent study indicates that half of travelling Canadians fail to buy insurance before all of their trips. Despite all we know about the importance of travel insurance, it seems that millions of Canadians are still choosing to risk their health, finances, and peace of mind by travelling uninsured. Read on for a list of common (and misguided) excuses for not purchasing travel insurance, and find out why you’re better off with insurance after all. I already have travel insurance through my work benefits or credit card. Check your existing coverage carefully to make sure it covers everything you need. Even if you have travel medical coverage through your work benefits or credit card, additional non-medical travel insurance may be necessary. And, if you require customized coverage for special needs like pre-existing conditions or adventurous activities, you may want to have an expert shop around on your behalf. Travel…