Milind Joshi

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Milind is CTO at Ingle International and builds teams and technology platforms for a living. When he’s not losing hair over a platform that refuses to scale, he’s usually either trying to keep up with his toddler, meditating, or teaching others to meditate. He is sometimes found in philosophical discussions with just about anyone, friendly strangers included.

Why Should I Do a Co-Op Term with Ingle International?

So, you’re looking for a co-op position. And you probably think or even know that you’re good, really good. And you have a world of choice ahead of you—I mean, think big names like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn… or RBC, TD, CIBC. How do you go about picking that great co-op experience? What do you base your decision on: a cool office in the valley, a fat paycheck, an exciting start-up culture, or a big name on your resume? It really boils down to what you want from your co-op experience… and to some extent everyone has their own choice. However, keep in mind that the first few months and years of your work experience will likely decide the trajectory of your career. What you learn from your co-op term—whether it is an approach, technology platforms, or ways of looking at the world of work and relating with others—all this can…

Building Amazing Digital Products—and Teams

No matter how stellar individuals may be (and ours are truly awesome), great accomplishments require collective efforts. A lot has been said and written about the importance of teams, and the consensus is that putting together a good team is wickedly hard. Indeed, teams don’t just “happen”—they require meticulous thought, a solid plan of action, and stellar execution. And, of course, they must be constantly evaluated, nurtured, and maintained, since people, companies, and goals all change. A team that was great six months ago may not be so great now. At Ingle International, we pay a lot of attention to our teams, and we are fully invested in team-building. And we know they are all unique—just like the individuals who make them up. We have an amazing set of colleagues on our technology team, and we work hard, almost without realizing we’re actually working. Amid the daily deadlines, weekly commitments,…

U.S. Hospitals Demanding Upfront Fees

Increasing numbers of American hospital emergency rooms are demanding upfront fees for services they don’t consider true emergencies. The demands have been put into place to relieve pressure on emergency rooms overburdened by patients using them as walk-in clinics or substitutes for doctors’ offices.