Rachael Hunt

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Rachael is the self-proclaimed GF Queen of Toronto (and beyond); she has been living with a severe gluten intolerance since 2013.

How to Travel Gluten-Free

Travelling can present its challenges, but toss in a food allergy or dietary restriction and it can be downright daunting.  However, my own gluten intolerance hasn’t prevented me from travelling—in fact, it has been a key component in fuelling my desire to travel. I wanted to defy the misconception that I would be limited as a gluten-intolerant traveller, and since my diagnosis three years ago I have travelled to more exotic and foreign places than I ever had before. I didn’t know that the travel bug would bite me so hard, but it did, and I am always looking ahead to my next adventure (and next international cuisine to take on, gluten-free style). Thankfully I am now well-versed and always equipped with the essentials (and more) to successfully travel gluten-free. Here are my tips for travelling gluten-free (or GF). Try them out, share with a friend, or modify to make…