Samantha Wolfe

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Samantha Wolfe is an Editorial Assistant at Ingle International who has had a great deal of travel experience. While she is consistently looking for any excuse to travel, she is a full time student at Wilfrid Laurier University, studying Languages and Literature.

Solo Journey Express

Family Growing up, I was fortunate enough to go on multiple family vacations. My mother was in charge of logistics: food and entertainment for flights, booking hotels, and planning excursions and my father was in charge of financials and documents: money, currency, and passports, whereas my siblings and I were in charge of taking pictures and having fun worry-free! I didn’t need to fret about forgetting something important, or figure out where I had to be, or what time I had to be there because everything was always planned out for me. And the best part was the quality time I got to spend with my parents and siblings. Beginning As I got older, I was given the opportunity to start travelling on my own.  I spent summers on student teen tours, took 40 person bus trips through the west coast of Canada and the United States and eventually…

Less is More: Travel in the World of Social Media

A Daily Routine My daily routine consists of waking up and going straight for my phone to check if I have any missed texts, emails, or phone calls. I then proceed to update myself on both Instagram and Snapchat to see what I missed during in the 8 hours I was asleep. Once I feel like I have caught up in the world of my 100 closest friends, I read my horoscope (I am very superstitious), and then get on with my morning. Social media plays a major part in my life… And it has changed drastically from what it used to be. From a travelling perspective, the biggest concerns faced are: what is a clever caption for my Instagram picture? What is the prime time to post my picture in order to maximize my number of likes? Who has seen my snapchat story? What geo filters are popular right…