Wanda Prochazka

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Wanda Prochazka is an endurance athlete, traveller and storyteller. Exploring the world one race at a time.

Take the Stress Out of Packing

The number one thing I realized, after years of stressing out and over-packing, was that I really didn’t need as much as I thought I did. I didn’t need to bring my favourite outfits along with all their matching accessories. I was going on a vacation, not a photo shoot.  Who cares if I am wearing the same thing in every photo? It’s not about what I am wearing. It is about where I am. The experience. The scenery. The people. My packing epiphany came to me as I stood in Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada, and watched in horror as my suitcase came down the conveyor belt. Actually, I saw my clothes first, as they tumbled out of my busted, exposed, and overstuffed suitcase. Twelve hours earlier, sweaty and tearful, I had been sitting collapsed on top of my suitcase. I’d finally managed to close it when I…

Travelling to Race or Racing to Travel

I am a traveller. I love everything about travelling. The airport. The airplane. I am constantly on the lookout for new places to explore and I am always excited to take in the people, cultures, foods, languages, customs, and natural beauty of the places I visit. I am also an ultra-runner. Ultra-trail running is a footrace on trails that stretch even longer than a marathon. About six years ago, I started running local 50-kilometre and 50-mile races. After my first attempt, I vowed I would never do another—but just three days later I was hooked. After a couple of years, I needed bigger challenges, so I started to search for tougher and longer races all over the world. After doing my first 100+-km European mountain ultra-trail race, it was clear to me that a very deep bond had formed between my love of travel and my love of running in…