Intern and Development Team Lead Battle over This, and That

Watch Iris Chang, a Systems Design Engineering student from the University of Waterloo and co-op intern at Ingle International; battle over work preferences with Justin Lee, Development Team Lead at Ingle International. What is your favourite IDE? Do you prefer mobile or web development? Is Toronto or Waterloo the better city? Tabs all the way! Watch the video battle. Related Article: Get a Co-Op Internship at Ingle International Check our our blog for more information on our company!

Get a Co-Op Internship at Ingle International

Front-end software development, back-end software development, QA, automation, html css, php, building restful APIs, database management, and mobile development are just a handful of skill sets you will be expected to finesse while interning at Ingle International. During the summer and fall of this year, Spencer, Patrick, Kelvin, Cameron and Hassan were placed on many projects, some of which were sent directly to the client upon completion of production. Learn about their experiences in this video below. Related Article: Why Should I Do a Co-Op Term with Ingle International? Check our our blog for more information on our company!

Why Should I Do a Co-Op Term with Ingle International?

So, you’re looking for a co-op position. And you probably think or even know that you’re good, really good. And you have a world of choice ahead of you—I mean, think big names like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn… or RBC, TD, CIBC. How do you go about picking that great co-op experience? What do you base your decision on: a cool office in the valley, a fat paycheck, an exciting start-up culture, or a big name on your resume? It really boils down to what you want from your co-op experience… and to some extent everyone has their own choice. However, keep in mind that the first few months and years of your work experience will likely decide the trajectory of your career. What you learn from your co-op term—whether it is an approach, technology platforms, or ways of looking at the world of work and relating with others—all this can…

Meet the Interns

When we asked Sheethala and Sriram about their internship experience at Ingle International, they were available for comment. Learn about their mentors, new technology learned, and their favourite spots in and around the office! Watch their video now. While Ze Ran was unavailable for filming, he did have a lot to say about his internship at Ingle International. He felt that Ingle is an ideal place for learning it because of the vast range of technologies available. Skill sets such as front end and back end design, product development and coding efficiency were nurtured. Ze Ran was mentored by software engineer, Ben Maynard, and was provided with additional feedback by development team lead, Justin Lee. He worked on projects including foundations of insurance platforms, policies, lateral framework, API, as well as database management and migration. Ze Ran felt this internship stood out because he was challenged every day instead…

Wanted: Talent

At the Ingle Group of Companies, we are a small company doing big things. We feel like a start-up, giving employees freedom to explore and discover innovative solutions, but have stability with well-known clients and 70 years of legacy. With the best of both worlds, we are looking for developers who want to push their boundaries through script writing, the creation of infrastructure and can maneuver through databases like a pro. Ingle’s hiring practices look for one characteristic in all of our employees: talent. Talent isn’t just an attribute that you should bring to Ingle but also something we want to cultivate and grow. Instead of seeing you as a cog in a machine, we have small teams that convert challenges into opportunities. As an award winning insurance company, specializing in high-risk, medical, student and travel insurance, Ingle is looking for employees who want to implement improvements and see the…