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Ingle-MSH International Joins Fellow Industry Experts to Discuss the Impact of Cannabis on the Travel and Tourism Industry

Canada’s recent legalization of recreational cannabis has changed the face of travel and tourism in the country. With the new laws, Canadians find themselves with new questions about the legality of travelling with cannabis, while visitors to Canada are now faced with cannabis tourism as a possible draw. With Uruguay, the Netherlands, parts of the United States, and other countries having implemented or moving to set cannabis-use laws of their own in varying degrees, it begs the question: What does legalizing cannabis around parts of the world mean for the travel and tourism industry? This topic will be explored in an upcoming webinar hosted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), entitled “Travelling High: Current and Future Market Trends for Cannabis Tourism.” Along with experts from Colorado State University and Visit California, Ingle-MSH International will be joining the panel to discuss cross-border travel and insurance considerations on changing cannabis…

StudyInsured: Your One-Stop Shop for International Student Insurance

Looking for the best travel insurance coverage for your international student(s)? Look no further – StudyInsured has it all! From protecting a student’s medical needs, to the accessibility of 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance services, and even a Stay Healthy at School Program. Read our latest press release on why StudyInsured is your one-stop shop for International Student Insurance. Are you an international student? Let us help you feel at home while you study abroad. We cover all your health insurance needs, give you easily accessible resources for navigating the healthcare systems, provide physical and mental wellness support through the Stay Healthy at School program, 24/7 claim services should you need assistance, and much more. For more information, visit, call us at 1-855-649-4182 or email us at

Ingle International Merges with MSH International to Grow Stronger Than Ever

Ingle International Inc. have merged its insurance group Imagine Financial Ltd. and its travel medical assistance group Intrepid 24/7 with MSH International. Offices now include an operations centre in Calgary and employ 200 staff positioned to serve the travelling community. As the trusted name in the industry, Ingle companies have served the international traveling community since 1946. Today, they provide the best in class travel insurance protection to international students, students studying abroad, snowbirds, business travellers, expatriates, adventure, vacationing and high risk travelers. MSH International, a 100% owned subsidiary of Paris-based SIACI SAINT HONORE Group, is one of the largest and most comprehensive suppliers of expatriate insurance services in the world, with more than 330,000 insured participants across 200 countries. SIACI SAINT HONORE Group insures 2,200 000+ people worldwide. MSH International and Ingle share core values and will continue the tradition of responsive service, deep expertise, and reliable protection. With the best network in Canada, the merger will…

Robin Ingle Talks Millennials in Insurance with Insurance Business Canada

With a large portion of the insurance industry set to retire within the next few years, insurance companies have a serious need for  fresh talent—yet studies show that only 4 per cent of millennials see insurance as an attractive career choice. Clearly, the insurance industry needs to rethink how it engages millennials with the jobs it has to offer. This April, Insurance Business Canada’s Toronto conference Millennials in Insurance tackled the question of how to bring more millennials into the industry, and Ingle International CEO Robin Ingle was on hand to lend his expertise to the day’s first panel: “Back to Basics: How to Attract Millennials to the Insurance Industry.” The discussion was moderated by Vinita Jajware, president of the Toronto Insurance Women’s Association, and looked at everything from leveraging technology into new roles to enhancing candidate perceptions of the industry. Robin joined panelists Margaret Parent of the Insurance Institute…

Industry Insights: How to Talk to Millennials about Travel Insurance

Today, every travel insurer and distributor has the same problem: How do I talk to millennials? In this video, our CEO Robin Ingle looks at how best to communicate with this key demographic. Watch now to find out what matters to millennials when it comes to travel safety and how you can help them relate to the importance of travel insurance. Learn more about your travel insurance options here.

Ingle Attends the WTTC Global Summit 2018 in Buenos Aires

With a focus on pressing issues like security, crisis preparedness and sustainable growth, this year’s World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Summit in Buenos Aires was an illuminating event on the future of the travel and tourism industry. The WTTC is a group comprised of top executives in the travel and tourism sector around the globe. Travel and tourism is a major worldwide industry, contributing over 10 per cent of the world’s GDP—a greater contribution than the automotive and chemical manufacturing sectors combined—as well as 10 per cent of all jobs around the globe. What’s more, the industry is expected to keep growing over the next decade, with 30 million new jobs on the horizon. With such a powerful impact on the world, it’s critical that the industry be committed to growing sustainably and sensibly. This is the vision of the WTTC—to create responsible partnerships that maximize the sustainable growth…

Travel Navigator Has Been Nominated for an Insurance Business Award

We are pleased to announce that Travel Navigator has received a nomination in this year’s Insurance Business Awards for the IV3 Solutions Award for Excellence in Risk Management. Travel Navigator keeps over 2.5 million policyholder members informed, connected, and safe worldwide by providing them with real-time alerts, emergency assistance, and a wealth of travel and health information. With all of these resources kept right at travellers’ fingertips, Travel Navigator makes it easier than ever to manage risk on a global scale. Celebrating the best and brightest in the insurance industry, the Insurance Business Awards gathers top industry players together to recognize outstanding achievement across twenty categories. This year’s winners were announced at the Liberty Grand in Toronto on November 30. This nomination is a great honour for our company, placing our work among some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Watch some of the highlights of this year’s…

Ingle International Empowers Students to Take Care of their Mental Health

Studying abroad is a great adventure that can challenge students’ perspectives and limits and teach them new things about themselves and the world they live in. Health challenges, however, can be difficult for international students to handle—especially when they are in an unfamiliar place and far from their usual support network. Staying healthy abroad goes beyond regular doctor’s visits and standard hygiene. There are a variety of stressors that students face, especially when studying far from home. Mental health and wellness challenges such as anxiety and depression are an increasing concern. What’s more, being in a new culture brings its own stresses from managing your nutrition with unfamiliar cuisine to even navigating new customs—all this alongside more familiar student concerns like battling that flu that’s making the rounds. Ingle International’s Stay Healthy at School program is here to help students mitigate these challenges. All Ingle International’s student groups have access…

Susanne Hendrickson Joins Ingle International as Director of Sales

Ingle International is pleased to welcome Susanne Hendrickson to the position of Director of Sales. Susanne will be accountable for leading the sales and marketing activities with a focus on the international student market and expansion into Canada’s west coast. In her role at Ingle International, Susanne will contribute to the strategic business development of, as well as the Pay-it-Forward initiative in which Ingle International has committed to give back to its partner schools. Speaking of her new position, Susanne said: “Ingle International is a great company that has built its reputation on more than 70 years in the insurance industry. My mandate is to build awareness for the StudyInsured brand while increasing sales across Canada, and worldwide. She added: “By cultivating long-term partnerships to better serve our clients I believe we can expand our reach and provide top notch products at reasonable costs to ensure our clients peace…

Dr. Michael Szabo Speaks at ITIC Global 2017 in Barcelona

This year’s ITIC Global Conference was held in Barcelona, where we joined over 900 attendees from across the travel and health insurance industry. We had a great time networking and trading insights with our peers at this year’s event. One of the highlights of the conference for us was the Medical Directors’ Forum, which gathered together medical directors of assistance and air ambulance companies around the world to discuss their concerns within the industry. Our own Dr. Michael Szabo, medical director of Ingle International, was there to take part in the discussions and give a presentation of his own on the difficult topic of “insuring the uninsurable.” Using a case study of a high-profile claim as a focal point, Dr. Szabo’s presentation tackled tough questions around travellers with pre-existing conditions—and their ability to easily purchase insurance policies over the Internet that they are ineligible for. Among the questions discussed were:…

Pamela Kwiatkowski Joins Ingle International as Senior Vice-President of Distribution & Client Experience

TORONTO, Nov. 9, 2017 /CNW/ – Ingle International is pleased to announce the appointment of Pamela Kwiatkowski as Senior Vice-President of Distribution & Client Experience. In her new role, Pamela brings her extensive expertise in building productive partnerships to grow Ingle’s business relationships. Pamela brings nearly 30 years of experience in the life and health insurance industry, where she has worked with insurers, MGAs, affinity groups, and advisors to help grow and develop their distribution network through solid sales, marketing plans, and strategic initiatives. Pamela is strongly focused on digital solutions that deliver products and services to the end user and result in an exceptional customer experience—and increased revenue for her clients. Pamela began her career in insurance at Ingle International, where she worked from 1987 to 2001. Ingle is thrilled to see Pamela return with a wider breadth of experiences that have given her enhanced insight into the industry. Now, through best-in-class travel insurance and…

Travel Navigator is a Finalist in the 2017 ITIJ Awards

Ingle International is thrilled to announce that Travel Navigator™ has been nominated for the 2017 ITIJ Awards in the category of Specialist Service Provider of the Year. “We’re honoured to receive this nomination,” says Ingle International CEO Robin Ingle. “It’s a testament to the work we’ve put into Travel Navigator, which we are constantly enhancing and evolving.” Ingle International’s innovative approach to Travel Navigator™ has led the company to develop several new technologies that can address issues travellers might face. These technologies include an advanced caching and content delivery system, which allows Travel Navigator™ to deliver a seamless experience for users both online and offline, regardless of Wi-Fi availability or cell reception. Now in its 15th year, the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Industry Awards recognizes outstanding innovation and service in the insurance industry. The winners of this year’s awards will be announced in Barcelona at the 25th ITIC Global conference in…

CTV News: $25 Premium Could Have Erased Staggering Medical Bills for Canadians Hurt in Vegas

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, at least one Canadian could face U.S. medical bills without having purchased travel insurance to cover the costs. Robin Ingle spoke to CTV News to explain why travel insurance is so critical when heading abroad, regardless of age or health status. And while Robin shared that he believes assistance will likely be forthcoming with the medical bills in this case, it’s never a guarantee when heading across borders for a trip. Robin also shared some tips with CTV’s Your Morning Friday on employee travel insurance benefits and what sorts of limits might be imposed on your coverage. Read the full article—and watch the video clip—to learn more.

Travel Navigator is a Winner at the Global Youth Travel Awards

Ingle International is thrilled to announce that one of our core products, Travel Navigator, has won a Global Youth Travel Award in the Best Travel Technology Product category. Hosted by the World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation as part of its annual conference, these prestigious awards honour the top performers across the international youth travel industry. The WYSE Travel Confederation, whose members number over 600 industry leaders from 120 countries around the globe, is the world’s most extensive network of youth and student travel professionals—making the Global Youth Travel Awards a true recognition of top talent in this field. We’re honoured to receive this award, beating out fierce competition from some of the most innovative travel-tech companies out there. But when it comes to “technology and youth [going] together like hostel and backpack,” we can’t help but feel that Travel Navigator fits the bill. Here’s why: It never…

Global News: Las Vegas Shooting Underscores the Need for Travel Insurance

The tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas is a sobering reminder of the need for travel insurance when heading outside the country. Even in an event such as this, the Canadian government will not cover health care in hospitals abroad—and the costs can add up quickly. Robin Ingle was on hand to discuss this issue with the Global News and explain the need for travel insurance when tragedy strikes while on a trip. Ultimately, there is no reason to travel uninsured when there is a multitude of affordable plans out there—each of which can cover you for millions of dollars in a crisis. Read the full article to find out more.

Ingle International Partners with ICEF to Reach More of the World than Ever

When it comes to international education, Ingle International goes all the way. And this year, we are elevating our commitment to international students by partnering with ICEF as a premium gold sponsor. That means by Ingle International will be present at every ICEF event worldwide. ICEF is well-known for its 17 annual conferences around the globe, which bring together international educators, industry service providers, and student recruitment agents. Through its work, ICEF supports the growth and development of international education and global student mobility—making it the ideal partner for our company. This gold sponsorship is part of our ongoing drive to take our support of international education to new heights. Read the full press release to find out more.

Ingle at the Go Global Expo 2017

We’ve been having a great time at this year’s Go Global Expo! Hosted by Verge Magazine and held yearly in Toronto and Montreal, this event is the place for anyone seeking opportunities to volunteer, study, work, or live abroad. Our team has been kept busy this year, meeting and greeting with attendees, handing out helpful information on travel safety, and running a draw for an Amazon gift card that’ll help one lucky prospective traveller gear up for their next trip. Our staff has loved the chance to meet with so many passionate travellers! Wondering about the risks of travel? We also brought a presentation to this year’s Go Global Expo that addresses concerns around travel safety and give useful tips for dealing with emergencies while travelling. As a company that offers insurance for anyone going anywhere—including those entering high-risk situations—dealing with travel emergencies is our business, and we’ve been happy…

Ingle International Protects International Students

As a new school year rolls around, we’re renewing our commitment to the health and safety of international students. At Ingle, we offer the best in international student insurance—and that means the best coverage, the best rates, and competitive compensation. But it doesn’t stop there. Students insured with Ingle can expect 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance, access to support for their mental wellness, customized web and mobile content, and much more. To learn more about what Ingle offers to international students, read the full press release here.

Robin Ingle Discusses Tainted Alcohol in Mexico on ITIJ TV News

Following the death of an American traveller earlier this year, the US State Department has issued a warning to travellers in Mexico to be aware of reports of tainted alcohol in the country. ITIJ TV spoke to Robin Ingle for a quick update on the subject of tainted alcohol and what the warning means for travelling Canadians. Watch the full clip here.

Ingle Gives Back: Student Adventures with Pay-it-Forward

At Ingle, we believe in supporting education. That’s why we offer products and services to help students have a safe and healthy time while they study abroad—and that’s the logic behind our new Pay-it-Forward initiative, which is already showing great results. The Pay-it-Forward initiative, launched by, is our commitment to giving back. Through this initiative, we invest a portion of our premiums back into charitable causes chosen by the schools we serve. This month, two students from the Pembina Trails School Division in Winnipeg were able to access our scholarship fund to take a two-week cultural exchange program offered by one of our agents in Spain. The funds from our scholarship, provided as part of our reinvestment through the Pay-it-Forward initiative, helped to cover the cost of airfare and tuition for this cultural adventure. How great is that? As a firm believer in both education and getting out there…

Robin Ingle Speaks on Insurance for the Homestay Industry

With the accessibility of global travel, it is common for students to pursue educational opportunities abroad. And families around the world are opening up their homes to host these students as they spend a few terms gaining some international experience. However, much like the other growing industries that offer the use of personal space to strangers—services such as Uber and Airbnb—this opens providers up to a series of risks and liabilities that have not yet been fully examined by the insurance industry. In other words, homestay providers are working in an area that the insurance market has yet to properly step up and serve. At Ingle International, we are looking to address that. Robin Ingle was on hand to discuss this relatively untapped market with Insurance Business Magazine. To learn more, read the full article here.

Ingle International Champions Visitors to Canada 150

Visitors to Canada 150 and families shopping for travel health insurance get the protection they need with Ingle’s comprehensive product lines. With lots of options to choose from, travellers visiting Canada can purchase the coverage they need at the best price. Visitor to Canada plans are also perfect for Super Visa travellers.

Making a Difference at BCCIE 2017

This year, the British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE) hosted their Summer Seminar in Kelowna. Nestled in the Okanagan Valley, attendees had the chance to engage in informational sessions and thought leadership dialogues about international education in British Columbia and Canada as a whole. During the Summer Seminar, Ingle International’s student team was on a mission. They wanted to learn about how educational institutions make a positive community impact and how the student team could take part. This action is part of our Pay-it-Forward program. Starting this fall, Ingle International will donate 5% to a community organization or charity of choice on behalf of their partner institutions. This contribution is in addition to our continued reinvestment of 5% of premiums back into their partners’ international student programs. To learn more about how Ingle International gives back, contact the student team today. gives back to international student programs…

OASDI Joins the International Education Conference Circuit with a Bang

This summer, the Ontario Association of School Districts International (OASDI) hosted their first symposium in Toronto and the student team was pumped to take the top sponsorship level. Ontario boasts Ingle International’s strongest client base, and this symposium was a welcome opportunity to renew connections, learn about the evolution of Ontario’s international education market, and attend informative workshops about the industry. Mitzie Hunter, Ontario’s Minister of Education, was a keynote speaker and Robin Ingle – along with Charles Benayon from Aspiria Corp. – gave a presentation on Technology, Mental Health and the Future of Wellness. sisu production, by Ingle International, also showed up to produce a promotional video to commemorate the event’s debut. Watch it below: OASDI made a donation to the Toronto District School Board for the Youth Assisting Youth charity, also known as The Peer Project. gives back to international student programs and their…

Canadian Travellers within Canada Still Require Insurance

According to a report released by RBC, 60% of Canadians will be travelling within Canada this year. This is because of travel incentives from Canada 150, the status of the Canadian dollar, and negative Canada to US border travel reports. Girl Guides form across the nation have cancelled their group trips in order to mitigate their more vulnerable members from being rejected at the border. So where does insurance come in? Erica Alini from Global News reached out to Robin Ingle for comment. If you are travelling outside of your home province, but within Canada, you still need to purchase travel insurance coverage. Read the full story here.

Robin Ingle Visits the GBTA Broadcast Studio

Last week, Robin Ingle was interviewed by Caitlin Gomez for the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) conference 2017. They discussed the positive impact of technology on business travel with the web and mobile applications like Travel Navigator™. Travel Navigator™, by Ingle International, is a one-stop shop for destination information, travel alerts, finding local medical facilities, and more. The importance of duty of care and training as pro-active methods for mitigating risk were also hot topics. Watch the full interview here.

Go Go Gadget Robin, Part Deux

TechTO is home to a brilliant community of Canadian technology leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts. They regularly host meetups with most recent events focusing on networking, sales, health, and finance. During last week’s meetup up on travel, the first of its kind, Robin Ingle talked about travel industry trends, perceptions of concierge, and Duty of Care. He also gave a hint of what the future of travel is going to look like with geo-tracking functionality in web and mobile applications like Travel Navigator™. Robin is the head honcho behind Travel Navigator™, an application that provides a one-stop destination for medical, security, and travel information before, during, and after a trip. With Travel Navigator™, users can learn of immunizations they need, locate health care providers around the world, find travel advisories on high-risk countries, as well as access and be accessed by 24/7 multilingual assistance providers via geo-tracking, and more. Robin was…

Ingle at the 2017 CAPS-I Conference

This spring, The Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I), hosted their conference in Calgary—home of the famous Calgary Stampede. Yee-haw! The conference theme was Navigating the Future of International Education where Ingle International’s CEO Robin Ingle, along with President of Aspiria Corp. Charles Benayon, presented on the latest technological innovations and their roles in mental wellness care. In addition to hosting and attending informative and interactive sessions, the student team reunited with the best and brightest programs in the K-12 system. There was also an Amazon giftcard giveaway! Our lucky winner was Lois Aitken from Mountain View School Division. Learn more about the Ingle International conference circuit here., by Ingle International, gives back to international student programs and their communities with more than $7 million in scholarships provided to date.

Reconnecting with Agents at ICEF 2017

The International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) Workshop kicked off in Vancouver with a bang this spring. With over 845 participants from 62 countries, it was the perfect networking opportunity for insurance agents across the globe to talk about international student opportunities across Canada. The mountainous backdrop of BC also made a cameo. Overall, agents, educators, and service providers had as many as 30 meetings over two productive days. During the ICEF Workshop, the Ingle International student team reconnected with agents and updated them with information on new product offerings and our competitive compensation packages. By supporting travellers from everywhere going anywhere, Ingle International is a one-stop-shop for any agent’s insurance needs. Have you heard about Ingle International’s Pay-it-Forward initiative by Learn about how Ingle International gives back by contacting the student team today. In the meantime, stay tuned for future ICEF workshop updates in Berlin, Miami, and…

Travel Navigator™ Lands in EMEA

TORONTO, April 5, 2017 /CNW/ – Travel Navigator™, by Ingle International, has expanded its offerings to the insurance and finance industries, as well as educational institutions worldwide. For insurers, the native mobile apps allow eligible users to access their e-wallet insurance cards in the application, top up their insurance, and manage their travel. Financial institutions have integrated the software into client web portals and direct click to call customer service phone lines as part of their credit card service offerings. Within education, Travel Navigator™ provides inbound and outbound students health, travel, and security content to help students and their chaperones prepare for upcoming trips, travel safely, direct dial assistance providers, as well as communicate via SMS, email or push notifications. Chaperones can track students, or administrators at home can track travelling chaperones. Travel Navigator™ has a flexible platform and is a fully managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology that allows organizations to…

Conference Season Is Here

At Ingle International, conference season is one of the most important times of the year. It provides ample opportunities for the student team to network, learn, and give back to the international education industry through presentations and sponsorships. There are many conferences to choose from inside the year-round circuit, but the student team’s top picks are of the spring variety. They include: the International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) Workshop, the Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I), the Ontario Associations of School Districts International (OASDI), and the British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE). During the ICEF Workshop, the student team reconnects with agents and updates them on new product offerings and our competitive compensation packages. At CAPS-I, the team reunites with the best and brightest programs in the K-12 system, and Ingle International’s CEO Robin Ingle presents on the latest in tech and innovation affecting mental…

Travel Navigator™ Releases Version 2.0

TORONTO, Feb. 28, 2017 /CNW/ – Mobile integration hub Travel Navigator™, by Ingle International, released its second version to the public last week with a new user experience and refreshed material design. The recent version was developed by Ingle’s in-house technology and design teams to support easier integration of third party services and to meet ever-changing end user needs. Current users, new members, and clients interested in white labelling can expect a new geo-location function, improved navigation, and a card-based interface. Features include: Health Care Provider Mapping enables users to browse a network of health care providers and medical facilities closest to them, or search areas outside of their exact location. Push Notifications provide critical travel alerts concerning the user’s location. Risk Ratings for every destination on a scale of 1 to 5 (low risk to high risk). New Content in the form of destination guides with a growing list…

Ingle International Attends the CCAT Gala

The Consular Core Association of Toronto (CCAT) fosters a space where Toronto based diplomats from the consular community advocate for one another as well as support civic and international objectives. Ingle International is strongly connected to the CCAT community in: friendship, the provision of health insurance to newly landed diplomats, matters of international education, and more. On an annual basis, Ingle International attends the CCAT Gala where celebrations of advocacy and diversity take place. It is a great honour. Take a glimpse at some memorable moments below. Want to hear more about what the Ingle team is up to? Check out our Company News tag.

Ingle International and Partner in Online Marketplace

TORONTO, Feb. 14, 2017 /CNW/ – At the touch of a button, travellers buying insurance can now compare rates and purchase policies from Ingle International through The product offering features exclusive travel insurance plans previously only available directly from Ingle International. The partnership between Ingle International and provides a variety of options for travellers at a competitive price.  Travel plans include: Canuck Voyage Plan A truly Canadian plan for Canadians, or residents living in Canada who are covered by health care from their province or territory. Key features include: Single Trip or Multi-Trip Annual coverage $10 million in coverage Stable pre-existing medical condition coverage up to age 79 Flexible eligibility criteria Family and companion discounts Discover Canada Plan Coverage for Canadian travellers or residents who do not have health coverage from their province or territory. Key features include: Up to $1 million in emergency medical coverage Coverage for…

Ingle International at the Skål Holiday Event

“Be a trusted voice in travel and tourism,” is Skål’s vision statement. Skål is a professional association for tourism leaders worldwide. Founded in 1932 by a group of Parisian travel managers, Skål has 15, 000 members. It members include executives from all corners of the travel industry, who meet regularly – on local and international levels – to discuss business happenings, and other topics. One such member is Robin Ingle. Although Robin was sorry to have missed Skål`s annual Toronto Christmas Gala this year due to travel commitments, he was happy to receive pictures afterwards, along with news regarding his donations to their charity auction in Ingle International`s name. Take a look at gala snaps here. Want to hear more about what the Ingle team is up to? Check out our Company News tag.

Robin Ingle speaks with The Insurance Journal

This fall, Robin Ingle, spoke with Matt Bell from The Insurance Journal. Snowbirds and the complications surrounding mandatory medical questionnaires for the purpose of obtaining travel insurance were discussed. With consumer demand for simpler applications, will the industry comply? Read Accurate Answers Protect Travellers in both English and French to find out. Need insurance? Check out our plans just for snowbirds.