Changes Coming to OHIP October 2019 – We have the solution!

With upcoming changes effective October 1, 2019, Ontarians will no longer be covered by OHIP for out-of-country travels.

We sat down with our subject matter expert Gail Roberts to discuss the upcoming changes

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Your Guide to OHIP’s Upcoming Travel Coverage Changes

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What are we talking about today?

Effective October 1, 2019, if these changes are approved, the Ontario government plans to remove the out of country coverage from OHIP.

Who will these changes affect?

Mostly this change is going to affect snowbirds, who travel for long periods of time usually in the winter months. These are also usually senior travellers who have pre-existing medical conditions, so they need to be really careful about what they’re covered for in their private insurance.

What does OHIP currently cover for out-of-country travel, and how is that changing?

Previously, the OHIP coverage covered up to $400 for intensive care, up to $200 for other emergency expenses, and up to $50 per day for emergency medical expenses. Without this coverage, the amount covered is going to be $0. There are a number of travellers who are concerned about dialysis treatments. That was one of the things that OHIP did cover out of province that a private insurance plan won’t cover, because that is considered a pre-existing condition. So the roughly $210 that OHIP used to pay for dialysis treatments are now going to fall to the consumer.

So now what?

Now that this coverage will no longer be in effect, people need to make sure that they are buying private insurance and making sure they know what they’re covered for, and most importantly, what’s not covered.

How does MSH International help?

MSH has a number of insurance solutions that are suitable for any traveller going anywhere. Among these is the Canuck Voyage plan, which covers pre-existing medical conditions with low stability periods. It covers snowbirds as well as younger travellers.

What is the Canuck Voyage plan?

The Canuck Voyage plan covers up to $7 million CAD for emergency hospital and medical expenses. This includes hospitalization and services from physicians and registered nurses. It also includes medical appliances such as crutches, canes, casts, and splints. It includes ambulance services as well, and other emergency transportation needs. With our Canuck Voyage plan, all of our emergency assistance services are offered by Intrepid 24/7. They are in-house and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and they offer all kinds of assistance services, including the coordination of medical benefits with different hospital facilities around the world.

What about frequent travellers?

For those who travel a lot, that means those people who go down to the USA for a quick shopping trip, usually for a day, a great solution is a multi-trip annual plan. We do have that option available with the Canuck Voyage plan. So how it works is you buy one plan, you pay for it for an entire year, and you’re covered for any short trips you take throughout that year.

When should Ontario residents make sure they have travel insurance to go abroad?

Residents should make sure they have coverage every time they travel. So not even just as of October 1st, but immediately if you’re planning on travelling, you should always consider private insurance to make sure you’re covered.

What’s the best part of working at MSH?

The best part about working at MSH is the people. I love my coworkers… it’s a fun place to work.

What’s your favourite story about helping a customer?

Her son had cystic fibrosis, and she wanted to take him to Disney World. And no one else would cover him because of the pre-existing condition, and we found a solution for her. And she’s on the phone with me, her son’s in the room, she says, “We can go see Mickey!” And you can hear the kid in the background going “Yay!”

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