Robin Ingle and Jaana Hein Form Creative Partnership to Launch Film Production Company

TORONTO, May 7, 2014 /CNW/ – Born to a Finnish mother, Robin Ingle knows sisu when he sees it. Finnish for strength, endurance, and determination, sisu is just what he was looking for when he brought Film Producer Jaana Hein on to his creative team in July 2012. Originally from Germany and educated internationally, Hein had been involved in numerous productions in Europe, the Middle EastNorth America, and Latin America.

After producing a variety of videos for the Ingle Group of Companies, Hein was ready for her next challenge. Ingle saw in Hein a future business partner, and the two of them opened sisu production, a film production and photography service, in December 2013.

As Chairman of the Ingle Group of Companies, Ingle remains the go-to guy for emergency assistance, health care, special risk, and travel insurance information, products, and services. And with a background in security and martial arts, Ingle is definitely the man to call in an emergency. At sisu production, however, Ingle steps into the role of Executive Producer, giving him the opportunity to nourish his creative side. Ingle is already known for writing honest and thought-provoking blog posts in his Insider Review.

Hein, who operates as Head of Production, shares Ingle’s expertise in the art of fighting. In fact, Hein is a two-time world champion in Muay Thai. “As you can see, the website was designed to reflect our shared love of this sport. Robin and I decided on fighter imagery because we felt it conveyed an elegant strength. This is what sisu means to us and to the company. We live and work by the concept.” Hein explains.

“At the workplace, I have always encouraged authenticity and creativity,” says Ingle. “Whether designing a product or providing a service, our group of companies values clear, consistent communication and new ideas. With sisu production, we have yet another medium for getting a message across. Moving into the world of video allows us to communicate for our clients in ways that really hit home. This is how we help grow our clients’ businesses and make sure they stand out from the rest.”

Based out of Toronto, sisu production’s creative team produces short films, web movies, documentaries, tutorials, commercials, testimonials, animated pieces, and training videos.


About sisu production

Offering high-end video production and photography services, sisu production tells stories through film. How? By listening to what each client has to say. From that first bright idea to a beautifully captured moment to a message that is elegantly conveyed, sisu produces visual experiences that speak to every client’s need.


For further information: Contact Jaana Hein at / 1-416-649-4180 to learn more about sisu production.

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