Dr. Michael Szabo Speaks at ITIC Global 2017 in Barcelona

This year’s ITIC Global Conference was held in Barcelona, where we joined over 900 attendees from across the travel and health insurance industry. We had a great time networking and trading insights with our peers at this year’s event.

One of the highlights of the conference for us was the Medical Directors’ Forum, which gathered together medical directors of assistance and air ambulance companies around the world to discuss their concerns within the industry. Our own Dr. Michael Szabo, medical director of Ingle International, was there to take part in the discussions and give a presentation of his own on the difficult topic of “insuring the uninsurable.”

Using a case study of a high-profile claim as a focal point, Dr. Szabo’s presentation tackled tough questions around travellers with pre-existing conditions—and their ability to easily purchase insurance policies over the Internet that they are ineligible for. Among the questions discussed were: how can insurability be better assessed for travellers purchasing policies online, and how can barriers be put in place to keep them from purchasing quick-buy policies that will not actually cover them in the event of an emergency? As well, how can companies sensitively navigate high-profile claim denials that make their way into the media?

In all, it was a productive, thought-provoking session. We look forward to more opportunities for dialogue with our industry peers next year!


To learn more about pre-existing conditions and travel insurance, visit our blog.

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