Early Snowbird Alert: 2012-2013

Summer is just beginning.  But we know snowbirds well enough to know that many of you are starting your plans for the next fall and winter season in the southern United States, or Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America or Europe. That’s why we are launching Snowbird Plus.

This will be a premium service of Travelinsurancefile. It is designed to give you the information, advice, one-to-one answers to your questions, resources and Alerts you need to make good, money-saving decisions about your long-term travel

The keystone to Snowbird Plus will be online access to Out-of-Country Travel: What Canadian Travellers Need to Know, a plain-language, practical guide to those questions that our website has shown you want answered:

  • How long can you stay out of the country according to your individual province’s rules (broken down to a province-by-province description. Just click on your province of residency)?
  • How long can you stay in the U.S. (in one long stretch or a series of shorter trips)?
  • Have any of the cross-border rules changed?
  • Do you need to report to the IRS?
  • How do you find the best travel insurance for your specific needs?
  • What different types of plans are there to suit the younger, more mobile boomers?
  • What’s an annual, multi-trip plan? Can you use credit card insurance?

The Out-of-Country guide is accessible online only to Snowbird Plus members. Just click on the issue you need to know about and an updated explanation is there for you.  If it still doesn’t answer your question, contact the  Guide’s editor (that’s me) and I’ll get you what you need to know: unbiased, objective, straight from the shoulder.

Destination Information

If you’re travelling offshore or into Latin or South America, do you need to get immunized? We’ll help you find an immunization clinic in your area.

Hospital/Medical Clinic Locator

Within a few weeks, we will be offering you a database of American hospitals, doctors, clinics, pharmacies or other medical facilities for you to access in case of emergency, wherever you will be spending your winters or travelling.

Travel Alerts

As you travel from time zone to time zone, you will be able to stay up to date on countries and regions within countries for which travel alerts have been issued by government agencies. It may sound alarmist, but you can no longer take for granted that your safety can be guaranteed in many countries you previously thought safe.  You need to stay alert.

Headlines Plus

Supplemental, in-depth news, health, travel, and travel insurance information that takes you behind the headlines and gives you reliable, advance information on trends that may affect your lifestyle and your long term travel plans.

Travel Resources

Currency converters, long and short term weather advisories, visa and passport information sites, and more as we locate them and as you ask for them.

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