From Toronto Teen to Global Citizen

Here at Ingle, we love to hear about young people travelling the globe. Whether studying abroad or simply seeking their next great adventure, these youthful travellers get an A+ in our books. And while we continue to encourage and support international education that takes place in the classroom, what better way to learn and grow than to travel the world and take it all in first-hand?

Kasha-with-camera-Global-Sunrise-ProjectSo when we heard about the Global Sunrise Project, we were more than just a little impressed. If you think that travel is the best education, you’ll want to learn more about this truly inspiring project…

  • Who? 15-year-old Kasha and her ultra-supportive mom.
  • What? Kasha plans to raise awareness about global issues by documenting her travels and providing a “visual voice” to those she meets along the way.
  • Where? This mother-daughter team knows no bounds. Their hope is to visit 4 big continents in 6 short months.
  • When? June to December (Kasha will return to the physical classroom in February 2015).
  • Why? “In March [2013], I went to the United Nations as a youth delegate and was so inspired by the women who I met … that I knew I could do something more to spark the interest of young people my age to take action too.” — Kasha
  • How can you help? By donating a few dollars to help this global gal reach her destination. Donate now:


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