Get Inspired with a Travel Wish List!

Most avid travellers can remember that time they first acquired the travel bug. For me, it was a trip I took to Europe with my junior high school when I was fifteen. From that point on, I was looking for opportunities to travel, even if just for a couple of weeks between semesters.

Now that I am settled into life and work in Vancouver, I do not have the same flexibility that I once had to satisfy my travel itch. One evening, I was having dinner with an old travel buddy and our conversation turned to how much we missed the backpacking life. My friend mentioned that, to stay motivated, she had imagined her next trip and written it out in detail. This way, she has a record she can use to help her plan when she does take that next trip.

I loved this idea! What a great way to get in the travelling spirit and tide yourself over while you’re between trips. So I thought I’d share my imagined next trip with you. (Though in considerably less detail here than my friend’s version—hers is more like a Grade 6 history project including beautiful photos and specific information about the attractions on her “to see and do” list. Definitely motivating!)

Why not follow my example and put your own travel dream on paper? It might just inspire you to start planning your next real trip!


Destination: Cuba

Duration: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Casa particular (think guest house or B&B)

Cities: Havana, Trinidad, and Varadero

To Do:

  • Walk along the Malecón (8-km stretch of seawall)
  • Take in some live music at a local venue
  • View the architecture of some of Cuba’s amazing churches and state buildings
  • Rent bicycles and tour the cities via back alleyways and side streets
  • Spend a couple of days snorkelling off the beautiful beaches of Varadero

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