Go Go Gadget Robin

A self-proclaimed “geek,” Robin has made no reservations about his reverence for technology. At first glance, this is demonstrated by the gadgets he carries and the wearables in his closet. From a professional standpoint, Peak Contact is a strong display. Specializing in cutting-edge solutions for insurance, travel, education, and health care industries Peak Contact is the backbone of Ingle International, and its sister service offerings found in Novus Health, Intrepid 24/7 and sisu production. And who could forget our app? Travel Navigator™ is Ingle International’s white-labelled app and duty of care service offering.


Robin was invited to sit on the panel of the Cyborg Code of Ethics summit on June 26, 2016. Hosted by Virtual and Augmented Reality Toronto (VRTO), he was invited by friend and ultimate tech guru Steve Mann.

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