Goal! Ingle Celebrates Success in the CHL

Canada is indisputably a country of hockey fans, and we love to see our home-grown athletes succeed. So we were proud to learn that 96 CHL players were drafted into the NHL—a testament to their talent and dedication.

It takes an immense amount of work to succeed in sports, and athletes know that staying in good health is of critical importance to that success. This is why Ingle International is dedicated to providing insurance that will help protect Canadian athletes and give them peace of mind about their health care as they bring their game around the continent.

At Ingle, we have a long history of working with athletes, from Olympians to Muay Thai champs. Among our other partnerships, we are proud to support the CHL through our sports medical insurance products.

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Ingle’s Imran Wright was particularly thrilled when he heard about the success of so many CHL players in this year’s NHL draft. As the claims adjudicator that works with CHL teams, Imran walks coaches through policy wordings, assists teams with making insurance claims, and relays information about ongoing medical treatment. He also acts as the staff member on hand to streamline the claims process and answer any questions that may come up. Imran is proud to play a little role in safeguarding the health of these incredible athletes and giving them the chance to showcase their skills abroad.

We’re rooting for these talented players as they take their careers to new heights!


Remember Malia Wright, Imran’s daughter? She sang the national anthem at an Oshawa Generals game.


Are you planning to take part in athletics abroad? Be aware: your run-of-the-mill travel insurance plan may not cover sports-related injuries. Get in touch with us today and let us help you find the plan that will meet your unique needs.

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