Going Away on Vacation? 5 Things NOT to Post on Social Media

With over one billion people around the world actively using Facebook, it’s no surprise that this particular platform is popular with all demographics—and those aged 45 and up now make up 33 per cent of Facebook users. While it’s an easy way to share good news and great photos, collect tips and ideas, and catch up on the latest gossip, we tend to forget one important thing: The majority of our Facebook “friends” aren’t really our friends at all. (Would you invite them over for tea?)

So do you ever worry you are sharing too much? You just might be! When it comes to announcing travel dates or posting pics from far-off lands, that is. Read on to find out which status updates you should keep to yourself—and save for your real friends.

“10 more sleeps until we board the plane”

Announcing how many days are left until your home is uninhabited just gives potential thieves the prep time they need to come up with a foolproof plan. Think: Home Alone—but in this case, it’s your valuables, and not a young boy, that will need protection from strangers.

“My bags are packed… I’m ready to go”

While it’s always fun to quote a much-loved song, this type of announcement is practically an open invitation to burglars. “You’re leaving now? Thanks for letting us know,” they must be thinking. What happened to the days of being a little more discreet? Having neighbours pick up your mail and leaving lights on to let strangers believe you are home when you’re not is still the way to go!

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headlines plus-social media

“We’ve arrived! 2 weeks in Paradise…”

While we’d all like to visit Paradise at some point or another, letting the world know how many days you’ll be there is never a good idea. Not only do potential intruders know just how long they have to break into your home without fear of being caught, they can get an idea of just how wealthy you are based on how much of a “paradise” your travel destination happens to be.

“Check out the view from our hotel!”

You are literally “sharing the wealth” with a whole lot of people—and even if your Facebook friends are limited to those you’d have over for tea, you can bet on the fact that people you don’t know will still end up seeing your photos. Facebook’s default privacy setting allows strangers to view your photo if a mutual friend happens to comment on it or simply hit like.

“Grr, our flight is delayed”

We feel your pain, but the thief who now has extra time to treat your home like a shopping mall certainly doesn’t!

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When to keep your lips sealed on social media

We all love to wow our friends with gorgeous travel photos and status updates that capture all that fun in the sun—but it’s safer to share details of your trip once it is over. Keeping your lips sealed during your travels means you can rest assured that potential home intruders aren’t aware of your every move. And taking a break from technology means you won’t have to worry about the possibility of identity theft while you are away. It is much easier for passwords to be stolen and accounts to be hacked on shared computers or unsecured networks. Not to mention you can better enjoy your vacation if you aren’t constantly online .

And just think of all the great photo captions you can write if you haven’t used up all your witty one-liners during your trip! So go have that vacation of your dreams—but, shh, only tell us about it once you’re home.


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