How Do I Make a Claim?

If you catch the flu during a cold Canadian winter or break your ankle while playing your favourite sport, chances are your medical care will be covered. But what if you are asked to pay up front? You’ll need to know what to do to you get your money back, fast.

Believe it or not, our website makes it easy to submit a claim. As long as you’re careful and follow the instructions correctly, you’ll be reimbursed for your expenses in no time.

Some of the most important guidelines to remember:

1. The first step is to get an official claim form.

2. Next, be sure to be thorough and accurate. Missing or incorrect information will stop your claim from being processed.

3. Don’t forget to ask for and save your receipts every time you pay for a medical service. You’ll need to include your original receipts with your claim form.

You can find a full list of things to remember here.

If you are insured by Ingle, you can submit your claim from home—no need to get out of your chair. Download the form here, take your time to complete it accurately, and submit it through our website.

Want your money back? It’s that simple! Just follow the steps above and soon enough there will be a cheque in the mail with your name on it.


For information on travel insurance and products, visit the Ingle International services page.

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