How to Submit a Claim

If you have an accident or injury, and have to pay up front for medical services, you will need to submit a claim to get your money back. Below is a 10-step guide to submitting your claims.

  1. Keep all your receipts: Ask for a receipt every time you pay for a medical service. You will need to include these with your claim form.
  2. Get an official claim form: Your insurance provider can provide you with a claim form for your policy. Call the Claims Inquiries phone number on your policy booklet.
  3. Include up-to-date information: Make sure your contact information is current in case the insurance provider needs to contact you with additional questions.
  4. Complete the form honestly and accurately: Make sure you include all the relevant information about your illness or injury. Try to include as much detail as possible, especially if the situation was unusual.
  5. Don’t skip any questions: The insurance company will not process a claim that is incomplete. If you are unsure about how to answer a question, contact your insurance provider.
  6. Sign the form: Don’t forget to sign the form! A claim form without a signature will not be processed.
  7. Attach all invoices and receipts: Include the original invoices and receipts with your claim form.
  8. Keep a copy for your records: Make a photocopy of the completed form and all relevant invoices and receipts. Keep them on file, so you know exactly what you sent.
  9. Mail everything to the right address: Your insurance package will include information on how claims are submitted under your policy, including an address to send them to.
  10. Wait: Once your claim is processed, a cheque will be mailed to you at the address you indicated on the form.

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  1. Manpreet kaur bharthi Reply

    Hii Good Evening
    Actually i accept my first claim.but afterthat I again went to the doctor and paid $70 .so, i did a claim in January but i don’t receive it yet.

    • Ingle International
      Ingle International Reply

      Is the claim you are referring to with Ingle International? If so, please call one of our customer service representatives on 416-730-8488, and they will be able to assist your further with this.

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