Ingle-MSH International Joins Fellow Industry Experts to Discuss the Impact of Cannabis on the Travel and Tourism Industry

Canada’s recent legalization of recreational cannabis has changed the face of travel and tourism in the country. With the new laws, Canadians find themselves with new questions about the legality of travelling with cannabis, while visitors to Canada are now faced with cannabis tourism as a possible draw.

With Uruguay, the Netherlands, parts of the United States, and other countries having implemented or moving to set cannabis-use laws of their own in varying degrees, it begs the question: What does legalizing cannabis around parts of the world mean for the travel and tourism industry?

This topic will be explored in an upcoming webinar hosted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), entitled “Travelling High: Current and Future Market Trends for Cannabis Tourism.” Along with experts from Colorado State University and Visit California, Ingle-MSH International will be joining the panel to discuss cross-border travel and insurance considerations on changing cannabis laws around the world. Available online, this session will answer key questions on what members of the travel and tourism industry should know about cannabis.

From cannabis-use demographics and recent trends to relevant legislation, and with a case study centred on California to illustrate the issue, this conversation is sure to be illuminating for those in the industry or anyone interested in learning more about this topic.

The webinar will be on Wednesday, December 5, at 11 am ET (4 pm GMT). Registration is free. Sign up today at Webinar on Cannabis and Tourism.

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