Ingle Gives Back: Kathleen O’Hagan – Copywriter & Editor

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Our in-house editor is not only a fabulous writer, but also a good soul. During the coldest week in January, Kathleen handed out mittens to people in need, assisted by our very own Art Director Margaret Kwan.

We hope your adventure was a success and that there are a few less people with freezing fingers on the street! Ingle International is proud of their employees.


Created by Ingle Group employees, And Aläm is an in-house hub for discussion about and activity surrounding social justice, equity, and community engagement in our world. Many employees have had and will have a connection to such experiences, and the aim of the group is to foster awareness and to support projects both at home and abroad. And Aläm is a natural extension of the values and interests of the Ingle Group, as our companies are always working to improve the health and security of people in Canada and travellers around the world.

The name And Aläm comes from Amharic, a language spoken in Ethiopia. We chose this name for its meaning, “One World” and its birthplace, the Horn of Africa where humanity began millions of years ago.


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