Ingle International Acquires Travel Insurance File (TIF)

Ingle International, one of Canada’s leading providers of travel, international student, and special risk insurance products, and Milan Korcok, publisher and editor of Travel Insurance File (TIF), are pleased to announce Ingle International’s acquisition of TIF’s editorial assets and title, effective July 1, 2013.

Ingle International has managed the technical aspects of the site in partnership with Mr. Korcok since its inception in 2007. The acquisition will allow both Ingle International and TIF to provide more unbiased advice and timely information about travel insurance and cross-border issues to a rapidly growing international consumer market.

“Ingle International has always been a firm believer in consumer education and empowerment,” comments Robin Ingle, Chairman of Ingle International. “Our philosophy matches TIF’s mandate perfectly: making sure consumers are fully informed before they travel, whether that’s helping them find the right travel insurance to cover everything they need it to or whether it’s directing them to reputable information about issues that affect people crossing international borders. Knowledge is power, and it’s better for everyone if the customer knows the right questions to ask to make the best decision for their situation.”

Mr. Ingle is thrilled that Mr. Korcok will continue to write for TIF on a regular basis, and will help expand the roster of high-quality, independent writers and experts on travel, international taxes, health advisories, cross-border issues, and all matters of interest to international travellers—chief among them, Canadian snowbirds. Former Toronto Star personal finance columnist, James Daw, is among TIF’s growing list of contributing writers.

“Maintaining the independent and objective nature of TIF’s editorial component is critical to sustaining the credibility of the site and its value to all international travellers,” says Mr. Korcok. “We have been in business to provide such information for over five years, and bringing in fresh ideas and new initiatives will keep TIF an up-to-date, objective, and trustworthy resource for all who travel.”

“TIF has experienced remarkable growth since its inception,” says Mr. Ingle. “We are proud to add it to our inventory of services for a rapidly changing and expanding travel insurance marketplace.”

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