Ingle International at Go Global Expo 2015

At Ingle International, we’ve got the travel bug and we’ve got it bad. Instead of looking for a cure, we want to spread the travel bug and we’re looking at you. If you are a first year student, consider an exchange. Unsure what to do next summer? Volunteer abroad! Graduating and want an adventure of a life time? A work overseas program could be the answer.

Because of our dedication to travel, Ingle International has been a founding sponsor of Go Global, an expo for anyone interested in exploring every angle of travel. From insurance providers, like us, to universities with exchange programs to volunteer programs, Go Global has it all. Not only will you meet venders, the people beside you will be like-minded and also inflicted with the travel bug.

Go Global has been inspiring soon-to-be travellers for 5 years and Ingle International has been there every step of the way. By setting up expos in Toronto, Montreal and Boston, Go Global, with the help of Ingle, has created an invigorating experience. Be warned that by attending, it will ignite the travel bug and nothing will cure it.

Check out the video below and visit to see the excitement that is waiting for you. Go Global is the first step towards your next adventure.

See You at Go Global Expo 2015! from Ingle International on Vimeo.

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