Building Amazing Digital Products—and Teams

No matter how stellar individuals may be (and ours are truly awesome), great accomplishments require collective efforts. A lot has been said and written about the importance of teams, and the consensus is that putting together a good team is wickedly hard. Indeed, teams don’t just “happen”—they require meticulous thought, a solid plan of action, and stellar execution. And, of course, they must be constantly evaluated, nurtured, and maintained, since people, companies, and goals all change. A team that was great six months ago may not be so great now.

At Ingle International, we pay a lot of attention to our teams, and we are fully invested in team-building. And we know they are all unique—just like the individuals who make them up.

We have an amazing set of colleagues on our technology team, and we work hard, almost without realizing we’re actually working. Amid the daily deadlines, weekly commitments, and monthly and quarterly goals, it can be easy to lose touch of the human side of things. To reconnect as humans and see other sides of colleagues makes life that much better. Besides, who wants to work with people we don’t appreciate?



We are just as serious about celebrating successes. With a list of 17 amazing (some say impossible) wins in just three months, we just had to celebrate as a team.

Archery, dodgeball and indoor skydiving, was just the chance to step outside of work and connect on a more personal level. We saw, for example, the otherwise quiet and well behaved engineers and product managers transform into competitive, weapon-toting warriors (no one was injured by the arrows—they were all foam-tipped) who ducked, dodged, attacked, strategized, and played hard. No wonder we have such great platforms—the team competes as fiercely in their architecture, code, design, scale, and quality as they do with bows and arrows!

I can’t wait for the next event. In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work team-building and shooting for more wins for this quarter.


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