Ingle International Champions Visitors to Canada 150

TORONTO, July 6, 2017 /CNW/ – Visitors to Canada 150 and families shopping for travel health insurance get the protection they need with Ingle’s comprehensive product lines. With lots of options to choose from, travellers visiting Canada can purchase the coverage they need at the best price. Visitor to Canada plans are also perfect for Super Visa travellers.

Discover Canada is competitive with high coverage limits and many deductible options. It is the perfect choice for Visitors to Canada. Discover Canada has higher age limits on family plans making it ideal for older relatives. Features include:

  • Up to $1,000,000 of coverage
  • Emergency hospital and medical benefits
  • Maternity
  • Prescription drugs
  • Emergency air ambulance
  • Private duty nurse
  • Paramedical
  • Vaccines
  • Excess baggage return
  • Accidental death and dismemberment and flight accident coverage
  • More options for older family members with stable pre-existing conditions. No medical questionnaire required!

Visitors to Canada include people who: are taking short and long-term visits in Canada, do not have GHIP, are a travelling youth, a new immigrant, returning Canadian, or a Super Visa carrier.

Health care services in Canada are top notch but can be expensive. An uninsured visitor to Canada can expect to pay up to $5,000 per day for a regular hospital bed, $17,000 for an ICU room, and between $25,000 to $150,000 plus for an emergency room visit. With these numbers, travel health insurance for visitors to Canada is a must have.

Canada welcomes over 17 million visitors to Canada annually. This year is extra special because of Canada 150 and ongoing celebrations from coast to coast. That said, accidents happen, health care in Canada is expensive, and unexpected hefty medical bills can leave travellers in financial ruin. Look after your family and friends in advance and protect them with coverage. You won’t regret it,” says Robin Ingle, Chairman and CEO of Ingle International.


About Ingle International
Ingle International is a consumer-friendly service provider with expertise in travel insurance, health care, security, and member engagement services. Promoting consumer best-practices since 1946, the company provides “plug and play” solutions that drive revenue and enhance customer engagement for the financial services, health care, and loyalty program sectors. Ingle has invested in developing industry-proven products and infrastructure in the fields of technology, services, and customer assistance solutions that are scalable, adaptable, and marketable. Ingle International’s innovation and expertise stem from a company culture deeply rooted in robust technology and assistance.


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