Ingle International Empowers Students to Take Care of their Mental Health

Studying abroad is a great adventure that can challenge students’ perspectives and limits and teach them new things about themselves and the world they live in. Health challenges, however, can be difficult for international students to handle—especially when they are in an unfamiliar place and far from their usual support network.

Staying healthy abroad goes beyond regular doctor’s visits and standard hygiene. There are a variety of stressors that students face, especially when studying far from home. Mental health and wellness challenges such as anxiety and depression are an increasing concern. What’s more, being in a new culture brings its own stresses from managing your nutrition with unfamiliar cuisine to even navigating new customs—all this alongside more familiar student concerns like battling that flu that’s making the rounds. Ingle International’s Stay Healthy at School program is here to help students mitigate these challenges.

All Ingle International’s student groups have access to our mental wellness support, at no extra cost to them, with our Stay Healthy at School services. The program addresses the wide variety of issues that international students face, from homesickness and academic stress, to depression and anxiety, addiction and substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, and crisis management. At the touch of a button, the program gives students access to counselling support from qualified counsellors with years of clinical experience.

The counselling service is accessible via multiple platforms: face-to-face, toll-free phone line, by text, through video, or through secure email. This means the service is accessible to students no matter where they are—with services being provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and in over 180 languages.

And that’s not all the program offers. Stay Healthy at School also provides access to robust content on health and wellness that gives students the information they need to proactively manage their mental health, their physical wellness, and make sense of our health care system.

“Building mental and physical wellness student support such as access to health information specialists, counselling systems, and easy-to-navigate health content directly into our international student group insurance products as a preventative measure has been an integral part of Ingle International since the beginning,” says Robin Ingle, Chairman of Ingle International. “We want students to go abroad in a safe and secure way so they can explore, feel confident, and grow, and that means being proactive about their health. Stay Healthy at School closes the gap between prevention and medical care so that students can concentrate on what they enjoy: learning, excelling, and making the most of their time abroad.”

Ingle International is proud to partner with international student groups, schools, organizations, and exchange programs to provide health, mental wellness, and insurance solutions.


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