Ingle International Launches Preventative Care Student Assistance Program for International Students

Ingle International—a group of companies specializing in travel assistance, health care, and insurance for global travellers and students—launches a special program for international students, focusing on preventative health care assistance.

Ingle International recognizes that education and access to health resources are the first steps in preventing common (and sometimes serious) physical and mental wellness issues among international students. Studies have shown that college and university students use online resources as a source of health information; in response, Ingle has developed a custom online health navigation portal that provides instant access to resources and solutions for common and complex health concerns among international students, such as influenza and vaccines, migraines, IBS, anxiety disorders, depression, smoking, alcohol use, drug use, and sexual health.

“Students have an unlimited ability to find information online, but not all that information is current, correct, or Canada-specific. Most importantly, it may not be relevant information. We must empower students by providing them with access to the right resources for their health concerns,” says Robin Ingle, Chairman and CEO of Ingle International and Novus Health—a health and wellness solution provider that has developed the customized web and mobile service with Ingle International.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, when young people do not have the knowledge to make safe choices, they are more likely to engage in risky behaviours. Education and awareness programs play an important role in establishing healthy behaviours, “we are creating a wider universe of health care services,” explains Ingle.

The Ingle International Student Assistance Program is a proactive plan that aims to increase student health and wellness before health conditions escalate and require medical attention. The new features, included with Ingle’s student plans, will:

  • Address basic medical and psychological health needs by directing students to appropriate services
  • Provide health education to prevent illness and increase awareness of potentially unhealthy practices so that students are able to choose an optimally healthy lifestyle
  • Empower students through education and professional guidance to become self-directed and well-informed consumers of health care services in Canada

Additional resources available through the custom website will include direction to on-campus and other local health services; assistance finding specialists, family doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and chiropractors; ability to book appointments; assistance finding community support and peer support; information to help make healthy choices such as quitting smoking, exercising, and eating healthy; and travel health information. The program will also offer an assistance line staffed with health professionals, which students can contact for any type of medical emergency.


Ingle International connects a diverse group of individuals and businesses with the customized insurance products, services, and information they need for safe and healthy travels. Innovating and marketing travel insurance products to individuals, affinity groups, rewards programs, and organizations, Ingle International delivers superior customer care with highly trained, multilingual staff serving the needs of travellers going anywhere in the world. Our expertise includes coverage for international students, expatriates, athletes, those at risk of kidnap and ransom, travellers entering war zones or other high-risk destinations, and all types of adventurers.

Novus Health offers an evidence-based, integrated, and comprehensive selection of health management and health navigation tools. With operations in Canada, the U.S.A, and Europe. Novus Health’s products—health navigation via web and phone, integrated health risk assessment, health coaching, and medical consultation services—encourage employee and student health ownership and reduce health care costs.


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