Ingle International Provides Mental Wellness Support Line to Student Groups Free of Charge

TORONTO, Dec. 6, 2016 /CNW/ – Ingle International has extended their multilingual mental health support phone line – a part of their Student Assistance & Wellness Program –  to their international student groups free of charge. The extension was provided by the student team to highlight company philosophies on mental wellness service and support: access, inclusivity, strength, and resilience. The counselling services portion of the Student Assistance & Wellness Program has been added effective immediately.

“Building mental wellness student support into our international student group insurance products as a preventative measure has existed at Ingle International since the beginning. However, in this day and age, prevention is not enough. The Student Assistance & Wellness Program closes the gap between prevention and full support. So students can get back to what they enjoy: learning, excelling, and making the most of their time abroad,” says Robin Ingle, Chairman of Ingle International.

The Student Assistance & Wellness Program, an additional service to the Comprehensive+ Plan, supports inbound international student groups in Canada dealing with a variety of problems including, but not limited to: homesickness and adjustment stress, depression and anxiety, sleeping and eating disorders, relationship issues, academic stress, addiction and substance abuse, violence related problems, post-traumatic stress and crisis management. The program functions in two ways. First: it provides access to a peer-reviewed health and wellness library, the Canadian Health Care Guide, and mental health articles designed for international students. Secondly: it facilitates a free phone line for mental health support and wellness.  Key features of the phone line include:

  • Toll-free 1-877 helpline easily dialed from anywhere in North America
  • Qualified and experienced counselling personal with a minimum Masters level education, coupled with 5 years of clinical experience
  • Choice of counselling platforms: face to face, telephonic, text, video, or secure e-mail
  • Prompt and efficient interventions in over 180 languages
  • Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Crisis calls handled immediately at intake, non-crisis appointments within 48 hours
  • Mobile application providing scheduling function, access to expert materials

Ingle International is proud to team up with international student groups for their insurance and mental wellness needs.


Please find the original press release here.

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