Ingle International hits the streets ahead of the Toronto NBA All-Star Weekend

Ingle’s creative team recently took to the frigid streets of Toronto to catch the pulse of the city ahead of the big weekend. We thought we’d chat with some passersby and gather their thoughts on the big game and Toronto’s hometown team, the Raptors.

Toronto is heating up this weekend, as the NBA All-Star Game rolls into town—and along with it some of the hottest athletes and celebrities around. This is the first time the game has been held outside the U.S. (we sure hope the players have passports—and travel insurance, of course). And while excitement is certainly trending upwards for the big game, it seems as though the celebrity contest is going to be just as popular. Drake and his two henchmen José Bautista and Steve Nash are coaching the East squad, while Kevin Hart is leading the West. It’s going to be an entertaining match indeed, with no shortage of ballers holding court.

Tons of events and parties are planned for the weekend, including sneaker shows and pop-up shops. Jordan has a store set up at Yonge and Dundas, and there’s also the Ultimate Sneaker Show. Matt Davies, our senior product specialist, resident basketball expert, and sneaker guru, is keen—especially for the pop-up shops. According to legend, he has never worn the same pair of shoes to work. And we believe it. We asked him just how many pairs he owns, but he refused to comment. Matt’s favourite Raptor: Kyle Lowry.

Ingle International: No stranger to supporting basketballers (and other athletes)

Ingle International has a longstanding tradition of assisting athletes and teams competing in world events. For example, in 2013 Ingle provided travel insurance and emergency assistance services to over 140 athletes, coaches, and staff with Special Olympics Team Canada. And basketball is certainly no exception. We provided travel insurance and medical assistance to the Raptors in the 1990s, in addition to providing travel insurance to the teams in the 1994 World Basketball Championships in Toronto and Hamilton. . We know and understand the risks involved with sports and travel and take pride in assisting individuals and groups alike.


Coverage to match your activity

Ingle International has a medical director as well as a health care team that includes sports medicine specialists. And although many people associate Ingle with its reputation for insuring snowbirds and students, we also offer insurance plans that cover athletes and special risk travellers (like extreme athletes). Take a second and check out our plans here.

And take it from Matt: “People coming from outside of Ontario to partake in the All-Star Weekend should definitely consider insuring their trip. You’re better off taking out coverage for a small premium than finding yourself stuck with a massive medical bill.”


Planning a trip? Start browsing your insurance options.

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