Ingle International’s History of Working with Athletes #TO2015

The Toronto Pan Am Games are finally here, and Ingle International feels right at home amongst the athletes, competitions, and fans. And not just because our head office is located in downtown Toronto, but because Ingle International has a long history of working with athletes for major and minor sporting events.

Even the most successful athlete is not immune to accidents or injuries such as concussions, fractures, and sprains. Regular travel insurance doesn’t cover athletes participating in amateur or professional events where prizes or awards are received. Just like regular travellers, athletes are susceptible to the high costs of medical care and assistance while competing in a country outside of their residence.

Ingle International is one of the few travel and health insurance companies specializing in sports coverage—we’ve been doing it since 1946! From local competitions to the Olympics, and everything in between, Ingle International has covered athletes, teams, and coaches around the world. Instead of focusing on the costs of hospitalization, emergency transportation, and other unforeseen expenses, athletes can focus on what matters—recovering.

Most recently, Ingle International supported Special Olympics Team Canada with the necessary travel insurance and emergency assistance services at the 2013 World Winter Games in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea. That’s coverage for more than 140 athletes, coaches, and staff! Dedicated staff members worked with the team, coaches and support staff to find innovative solutions for the needs of this group. Find out more here.

Ingle International supported the Canadian athletes that participated in the 2014 Common Wealth Games through its medical, security, and travel assistance company, Intrepid 24/7.  Ingle International also supported the 1994 World Basketball championships and the Jamaican bobsled team in the 1988 Winter Olympics. “When I got the call from the Jamaican bobsled team manager, I thought, I grew up in Jamaica and I don’t remember seeing any snow,” recalls Robin Ingle, Chairman and CEO of the Ingle Group of Companies.

From mountains to ice, theres no challenge too small for Ingle, supporting professional sports like alpine skiing, curling, hockey, and rugby—just to name a few. Ingle understands that theres more to travel health insurance than just the competition, “When athletes are competing, its a time of high-intensity and stress. Ingle International is available for them on and off the court while theyre away from home.”


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