Insurance and Consumer Resources: Why Ingle Believes in the Power of Content

The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada has released a “Bill of Rights” for consumers of travel insurance. This document essentially outlines the basics of what consumers can expect from travel insurers, as well as their own responsibilities when they apply for coverage.

This is the kind of clear content we believe consumers of travel insurance need to have. And that’s why we’ve been dedicated to producing such content from the very beginning.

Here at Ingle, we strongly believe in the importance of consumer education—and that starts with providing clear, accessible information. We strive to be open and authentic, to empower consumers to ask questions about the insurance products they buy. We want consumers to understand their coverage, to know their own responsibilities when it comes to purchasing insurance, and to know what they have a right to expect back from their insurer.

That’s why Ingle has a dedicated content team across all of our offices: communicating with consumers has always been a cornerstone of our approach. We’re devoted to producing consumer-friendly resources that clear up confusion, and to providing tips and clarification to the media whenever a frightening story about a travel emergency or denied insurance claims makes the headlines.

Insurance is intended to provide peace of mind—a safety net. It can only succeed at doing that if there is clear communication about the conditions and limitations of insurance policies. That’s why informative content is so important to us.

If you have questions or confusion about your insurance policy—or about the way insurance works in general—we’ve built up a library of content over the years to address some of the common concerns we hear from consumers. Have a look at some of our resources below. And if you have more questions, never hesitate to get in touch!


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How long can Canadians remain in the US? This is an eternal point of consternation for travelling Canadians and a question we frequently get here at Ingle. Back in early 2015, we had a sudden spike in questions on this topic after a misleading news article on the subject started making the rounds. To address the concerns we were hearing, we posted this explanatory article.


Did you hear about that “million dollar baby”? Why wouldn’t insurers cover someone giving birth abroad? In the wake of this particular news story grabbing headlines, we wrote this article to explain some of the finer points around pregnancy and travel insurance. Robin Ingle also spoke to FORUM Magazine about the case.


What type of travel insurance do I need, anyway? Confused about all the different categories of insurance products? We’ve got a handy guide right here.

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