Insurance for Amateur Sports—We Like to Cover Them as Much as We Love to Play

While most of us at Ingle International may not be world champions, many of us love sports just as much as we love travel. From taking part in ballet boot camp to cheering on our very own softball team (Go, Ingle Bengals!), fitness and exercise are top priorities at the Ingle office. Maybe that’s why we jumped at the chance to help out a talented Muay Thai fighter heading to the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur World Championship (IFMA) in Malaysia.

Krudar member Janice Lyn will be representing Canada at this year’s IFMA, hosted on the beautiful Langkawi islands in the Andaman Sea. From May 1 to May 10, Janice will showcase her skills in Muay Thai, a combat sport from Thailand also known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ or Thai boxing.

And while this amateur fighter is as close to a professional as you can get, that doesn’t mean she is immune to the occasional black eye or broken nose. We have no doubt she’ll come back with a few medals—and a few bruises—so we happily agreed to sponsor this future winner and help her find suitable travel insurance* for her overseas adventure. (Yes, even fighters need insurance—so they can keep their focus on the prize!)

When asked why such a risky hobby, this young athlete told us she does it for the love of the sport, to grow as an athlete, and to be a role model for younger generations. So next time the youngsters in your life express an interest in a combat sport, don’t fret about potential injuries! Just think about their opportunity to stay fit, travel the world, and be the best they can be—and know they’ll be protected as long as they get the right travel insurance.

Goooo, Janice!

Janice is going back for gold in 2015! Support her crowd funding campaign here.


*We recommended the Manulife Global Medical plan, which includes life-saving benefits like emergency assistance, air ambulance, and repatriation.


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