International Students: How to Enjoy Your Spring Break!

Spring break, reading week, March break, spring vacation, mid-term break, study week, reading period… It doesn’t matter what you call it, they all mean the same thing—a rest from the school routine for a few days!

Whether you’re in elementary school, high school, college, or university, we all know that to do well you need to stay on top of your studies. However, being able to take a break and relax is sometimes just as important! Having a few days off can help relieve the stress we sometimes feel with a heavy course load, and some studies even suggest that stepping away from your academic routine once and a while can actually have cognitive, social, and emotional benefits.

The time when students in Canada get their break (and for how long) varies from city to city. Typically, students in post-secondary institutions will be enjoying a week or two off in the month of February, while those studying in the high school or elementary system will have to wait until March before they get to put those feet up!

Another thing that varies from place to place is how students choose to spend their free time. Canada is mostly covered in snow during reading week, and while some lucky people might make their escape to a sunnier destination, others consider it a perfect time to get outside and explore the winter activities their community has to offer. Many cities and towns will have public ice skating and tobogganing hills, while students who live nearby the mountains will have the chance to hit the ski slopes! Playing outside in the fresh air is not only good for you, it is a lot of fun too!

If staying in with a mug of hot chocolate is more your scene, consider actually reading during your reading week—you could even explore some of the literary talents of your host country! Canada has a great reputation on the international literature stage and regardless of your genre preference you will be able to find many authors that will appeal to your tastes.

You want to feel your best when you return to school, so whether you spend your time travelling, playing outside, or just relaxing with a good book, always make sure that you are enjoying your time the way you want.

How will you spend your break from school?


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